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Torres del Paine Clothes to Wear 

and to Bring for all of Patagonia

Suggested Clothes for Patagonia Trekking and Torres del Paine

Suggested Clothes to Bring for Patagonia and Torres del Paine

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You should try to bring LAYERS of breathable clothes that can be taken off or put on easily. The reason for this is to be able to adapt to any change in weather and as you heat up and cool down on a trek. For example, cotton undershirts are NOT recommended – see below.

Ideally Pack Clothes Such as:

Top Part of Your Body

An under vest (long sleeved if possible) made, ideally, from synthetic fibres so it dries quickly. Moreover, if very cold weather (ie early spring, winter months or autumn) then thermal underwear made from synthetic fibres. Most importantly, we suggest synthetic fibres because when you are walking several hours you will build up a sweat and your under garments will get wet, this then gets cold when you stop and will make you cold unless the wet material dries quickly. For example, cotton does not dry quickly, whereas synthetic material will dry more quickly.

Over Your Under Vest

A breathable top. For example a fleece, or polar top.

Over Your Fleece / Polar Top

Idealy a waterproof, windbreaker over jacket.

For Your Legs

Trekking pants, resistant to rain and wind. However, these should be made from a breathable material otherwise you will sweat. Moreover, jeans are NOT good as they can get wet and not dry.

Over Your Trekking Pants

Waterproof shell pants to go over your trekking pants in the event of heavy rain.

For Your Feet

Wool or MUCH BETTER – synthetic socks. Most importantly, waterproof trekking boots with ankle support and none-slip sole. However, if new make sure you break them in prior to using them on a trek.

Over Your Hands

Gloves. For example, close to glaciers it can be very cold.

For Your Head

A warm hat (not a jockey cap), sunglasses and sun-protection cream. Also, bring a headband to keep your ears warm when not using the hat.

For Your Personal Use

Ideally a small back pack for food, water and clothes.

For Your Safety

A battery-operated torch for when power is out or if you are arriving to a refugio in the dark. Most importantly, take with you during the trek extra water and snacks. Above all, prepare for all weather conditions and dress for the outdoors. Do NOT go off the trail because if you have the slightest incident such as twisting an ankle, you may not be found.

Average Temperatures in TDP during the year
Summer (Dec – Jan – Feb) Max + 23.5°c / Min + 0.8°c.

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Clothes to Wear

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