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Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions


Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions Definitions

It should be noted that Torres-del-Paine.Org , HotelsChile.Com and ExperienceChile.Org are trading names of Experience Travel Group LLC. Hereafter known as: “ExperienceChile.Org”, “we”, “our” or “us”. Moreover, Experience Travel Group LLC is a USA-registered company under Delaware State file 6579231. In addition, its registered office is at 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, USA. Further below are the Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions, also referred to as “Terms and Conditions” within the text below.

Above all the customer, or pax, or client means the person making, or paying, for the reservation and persons named in the reservation. Hereafter known as the customer.

Furthermore, booking means reservation.

In addition, the supplier means the company or service from a company that has been contracted, or reserved, on behalf of the customer (e.g. hotel, rent a car, guide, transfer, tour etc).

Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions Insurance

Most important, recommends that customers take out their OWN travel insurance to cover unforeseen events, accidents, trip cancellation and medical expenses.

Reservation Process

  1. Initially we will receive a request, or enquiry, from a customer.
  2. Thereafter, we act to investigate availability of accommodation and services for the customer for the dates requested by the customer. Furthermore, we supply an overall rate.
  3. Following the above we send to the customer an email confirming availability, or other date options, and confirmation of the final cost.
  4. Another key point is that upon written e-mail confirmation from the customer accepting our final rate we will then send an e-mail with payment options: credit card, wire transfer or deposit into our USA bank account.
  5. Most important is that all credit card information is not passed on to a third party other than the company processing the credit card data.
  6. Furthermore, the name that will appear on credit card statements will be: Anglo Chilena Ltd. – a partner company.

Responsibility for Safety

Most important is that within our Terms and Conditions, accepts no responsibility for safety, injury, or death caused by injury, of the customer or customers (person or persons named within the reservation) as a result of their travel to and/or within Chile connected to their reservation made via

Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions Accountability

It should be noted that also with our Terms and Conditions, cannot be held accountable for the quality (standard) of lodgings (accommodation). Together with facilities or services related to the reservation of a customer. Also, it should be noted that cannot be held accountable for the cancellation of your reservation. For example, by unforeseen events such as natural or any unforeseen disasters (including Earthquakes), or any other event. However, we will endeavor to reclaim monies you have paid to ExperienceChile,org that relate directly to your reservation less 25% of the value of your reservation(s), and any costs and fees involved in obtaining a refund on your behalf plus any costs charged by the supplier.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a customer needing to cancel a reservation. Whatever the reason given for cancellation, after any payment, in part of full, that has been received by, we will only consider a refund if the following procedure has been adhered to by the customer:

  1. Above all, cancellation requests must be received in writing to our Santiago office (via email), and acknowledged by us as having been received. Specifically, up to 90 (ninety) full days or 3 (three) full calendar months prior to the due arrival at the place / office for the service that the reservation relates to.
  2. In addition, the cancellation policy of the supplier that the customer has a reservation with, via, will be respected only as and when it affects our own cancellation policy. For example, if a supplier offers no refund at all then will not be able to offer any refund either.
  3. Moreover, cancellations received LESS THAN 90 (ninety) full days, or 3 (three) full calendar months prior to arrival by the customer could be subject to a NIL refund. However, we may consider issuing partial refunds depending on the circumstances of the cancellation and the cancellation policy of the supplier. Accordingly, will always be reasonable and consider the reasons behind any cancellation. All things considered; we can often negotiate a credit with the supplier to be held for future use by the client.

Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions Refunds

  1. Most important is that any refund will be less 25% of the value of the reservation. Furthermore, less any other costs involved in providing the refund. For example, wire transfers, legal costs etc plus any costs charged by the supplier.
  2. Moreover, all of the above is null and void if, on an email reservation confirmation from there is a message that says there is no refund. However, it should be noted that this is very rare and is only in circumstances where the sale of the reservation is accepted under this condition.
  3. We do not accept any responsibility in the event that an end supplier, or an intermediary supplier company that we have used to secure your reservations, declares bankruptcy. Insomuch that should such a situation arise, and we are unable to obtain any refund whatsoever, we will not be able to pay out any refunds to you, our client.
  4. Lastly, vouchers will be sent out to the email we have on file from the client.

Payment Policy

In the event that your arrival date for the first night of your itinerary is less than 60 days away from the date of itinerary acceptance by the client, we will require a minimum 50% payment before we secure confirmation of reservations.

In addition, we must receive the full required amount in USD (or the equivalent in sterling) that relates to a client reservation and / or itinerary. However, payment can be made with a valid credit card (plus credit card fees), bank wire transfer (plus bank charges) or deposit.

Exchange Rates

Most important is that the currency that we work in is USD. Although clients can also pay us in sterling at the exchange rate published in the web site on the day of payment request.

In the event that there is an exchange rate fluctuation between the date of a deposit (or other payment), and the date of the final payment. It should be noted that we will take the highest exchange rate for the total amount in USD and convert this to sterling. However, all previous payments in sterling will be deducted from the total sterling figure and the pending sterling amount be required for payment.

Privacy Policy

Most important to remember is that will not pass on to any third party information supplied by the customer other than the required information that a supplier needs in order to secure a reservation. It should be noted that we value the privacy of our customers and will do what we can to keep customer information protected.

End of Experience Travel Group LLC. Terms and Conditions

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