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El Chalten

for Mount Fitzroy

Where is El Chalten Located?

To get to El Chalten you will need to get to El Calafate first. The transfer from El Calafate to El Chalten takes about 3 hrs. We can include this return transfer in any itinerary we arrange for you.

Very Small Touristic Village

El Chalten is a very small touristic village located beyond the northern end of Lake Viedma and within the Los Glaciares National Park 200km north from El Calafate. Originally the indigenous Tehuelche people named the high-jagged peak, now called Mount Fitzroy, as El Chalten, which means “smoky mountain”. Considering that for most of the year Mount Fitzroy is shrouded in mist the “smoky mountain” name is appropriate. However, the peak was re-named Mount Fitzroy after Captain Robert Fitzroy of Charles Darwin’s ship “The Beagle” (Charles Darwin being an important and historic scientific naturalist who came to the southern shores of Patagonia), but the name El Chalten was adopted by the settlers as the name of the village.

A Brief History About El Chalten

Historically El Chalten had been considered to be within Chile until Argentine nationals began to live here.  Today the village is considered to be within Argentina, but it is adjacent to the still disputed border boundary between Chile and Argentina. Both countries, until now, have not agreed on where the official border should be in this zone and the Lago del Desierto (a long narrow lake north of El Chalten) is an area whose political future is yet to be finally determined. It is also very close to the southern-most village of mainland Chile – Villa O’Higgins, at the end of the Careterra Austral road.

What is El Chalten Main Attraction?

The main attraction – Mount Fitzroy,  resembles the “Torres” in Torres del Paine National Park, reaching a height of 3,400m with vertical sides that create an impressive and dramatic mountain spectacle. El Chalten is primarily a base for serious hikers who wish to hike the trails in the area or climb the challenging peaks.

Considering that El Chalten sits within the national park people mainly sleep in the village and each day will walk one of the hiking trails then return to their same comfy hotel at night, avoiding the need to camp.

El Chalten Visitor Information at National Park Entrance

The park rangers located at the entrance to the village provide camping and national park information for visitors. Recently the tourist trade has spawned a few restaurants and basic shops in town, and some of the accommodations provide internet and phone access. There are a few hikers’ hostels, a handful of boutique-style, small hotels and one top-end hotel in town. Other than that, the village is fairly far removed from the normal flow of news and communication, even during high season (November-February), and is nearly deserted during off-season (the Southern Hemisphere winter).

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El Chalten

We Offer

Most people coming to this part of Patagonia will either want to stay a few nights in El Chalten to trek the trails here, in particular Fitzroy, as well as add Torres del Paine to their itinerary, also for trekking.

Here at Experience Chile, we offer to create a viable itinerary, with all the required logistics built in, in order for you to accomplish your trekking objectives. Sush an itinerary can just focus on the Argentine side, with El Calafate and El Chalten, or also take in the Chilean side with Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine. Naturally, there is also Ushuaia and Antarctica that we can also include.

If you would like us to arrange a custom-itinerary for you, please send us an enquiry.

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El Chalten: Arrivals and Transfers

In order to get to El Chalten you will first need to get to El Calafate. From El Calafate to El Chalten is a 3hr drive. Typically the way to get to El Calafate is to fly in from either Buenos Aires or Ushuaia, and you can come in from Bariloche too.

It is also possible to come in by road from Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales and even Punta Arenas. The travel time from Torres del Paine or Puerto Natales to El Calafate is 6hrs, including the two border crossings and if coming all the way from Punta Arenas will be 9hrs total time approx to El Calafate plus the 3hrs to then get to El Chalten.


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El Chalten: The Main Places of Interest

El Chalten Places of Interest

The main reason for El Chalten´s “fame” is the trekking routes and challenging climbing it offers. There are numerous trails that lead directly out from different locations in the village. this is because the village of El Chalten is actually inside the National Park. People trekking the trails will venture out on a trek and then return back to El Chalten for the night.

However, there is a trail that starts about 17km north of the village and in this instance many people opt to stay the night at Hosteria Pilar, located at the trail head.

For much more detailed information on the trails at El Chalten please follow our link below to our Experience Chile mother site.

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El Chalten Village Entrance Sign

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

El Chalten Accommodation

Places to Stay in El Chalten

El Chalten village is solely for tourist purposes to offer accommodation to those people coming here to trek the trails. Consequently, there are numerous accommodation options, along with a smattering of restaurants, convenience stores and residential homes for the “support” staff required to facilitate the tourist demand.

Most accommodation on offer is in the rustic to mid-level range. Having said that, the more upmarket hotels are beginning to make their mark too.

As has been mentioned on this page, people will stay in their chosen hotel and then venture out each day on the trail they have selected to hike but return back to their same hotel for the night.

Explora Lodge

For a top end experience, we recommend the Explora Lodge whereupon if we book this for you, we will add some free services to the rest of your itinerary, so please get in touch.


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Hotel Senderos

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

Destinos Sur Hotel

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

Aguas Arribas lodge

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

Explora Lodge 

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

El Puma Lodge

– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina

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– Destination El Chalten Patagonia Argentina
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