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Experience Chile About Us


British National Charles Hallifax – Founder of Experience Chile

Experience Chile About Us

Our History, Ethos and Philosophy

Who is Behind This Web Site and Service?

It should be noted that Experience Chile About Us explains that we are dedicated travel itinerary experts with over 30 years of acquired local knowledge of the South America Region. However, our specialty is the creation of custom-built travel itineraries for those who come to visit this area.

Experience Chile About Us


The web site is part of our overall South American travel itinerary service, along with our sister web site ExperienceChile.Org. Moreover, these two web sites are administered by the Experience Travel Group LLC. This is a company registered in the United States, although the principal share holder and owner is Charles Hallifax. Most important is that Charles is a British national who lives in Santiago, Chile. Prior to his landing in Chile, in 1989, he was the owner and publisher of a magazine called “The Skier” in the UK, which he successfully sold before embarking on a world tour, culminating with his arrival to Santiago de Chile.

Start of Professional Life in Chile

Shortly after a rest period Charles was appointed the Managing Editor at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Chile. After a few years as head of the publishing department at AmCham, he went on to set up his own publishing company. This company specialized in producing hotel, restaurant and tourist-information guides as well as representing Reed Elsevier Plc in South America.

The hotel guide that his company published in Chile went digital with the arrival of the internet in 1996, and it was the first hotel web portal in South America. Soon afterwards this guide morphed into ExperienceChile.Org, a web site and company dedicated to creating custom travel itineraries based upon direct personal knowledge of the local hotels and suppliers at the destinations offered. Later, the web site was launched, in order to provide a focused product offering for the Patagonia region.


The ethos that Charles has always been guided by is to offer clients truthful travel itineraries. What he means by this is that he has visited practically every single hotel supplier that we work with, as well as tried out most of the activities and tours that we offer. When a client asks about a particular hotel we tell it like it is and do not “dress it up”. Unlike most other travel operators who have not, and do not, invest such time checking up on their partners, and often do not “tell the truth”, we make being truthful the corner stone of our offering. This ethos is also instilled into our staff, which enables us to offer custom travel design that is not only personal and friendly, but is based upon good, and real, local knowledge.

Keeping Informed

We keep such information up to date via regular inspection trips to hotels and suppliers, which we do every year. The staff and Charles operate a serious, and more importantly, a viable business, and for this reason we do not try be the cheapest in the market, but we aim to be the most professional. Our service is administered by Charles Hallifax and a team of competent, local staff based in Santiago and Patagonia together with professional partners based in Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

We have each personally invested considerable time over the past 30 years getting to know Chile and what it can offer the visitor from outside and for this reason we can tell you that there are areas in this country that are still magical, natural and unspoiled.

Therefore, if you really want a new experience, let us prepare a custom travel itinerary that will reward you with wonderful memories for the rest of your life.


Our philosophy is to offer you an experience. Not just a holiday, not just a travel plan, but a life experience. We do this by creating travel itineraries that incorporate destinations, hotels and services that are special, that we know will offer you a memories to treasure.

Our staff can also arrange custom-designed itineraries with complete discretion for A-list celebrities or other VIP´s and clients who demand privacy – including a security detail if required. If you are such a person please use an alias in the initial enquiry and mark it VIP. Charles Hallifax, will personally get back to you.

You have a number of options, with various companies offering to make this or that itinerary, often for less cost, or you can of course just do all the work yourself. However, there is only one company with the history (coming up to thirty years), the local presence, with resident local knowledge, managed by a British national and that is us – ExperienceChile.Org. Being a British-run operation also means that Charles, and his staff, understand you and your needs. And perhaps one of the main reasons to use a company with actual offices at the destination is because we are here should you need local support during your trip.