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Update on Chile Protests 18 November 2019

From our vantage point of being based here in Chile, in Santiago and Patagonia, we can tell you that this past weekend was very quiet. There were no demonstrations or violent protests. The government announced that it will offer the people of Chile a referendum to vote on if they want a new constitution or not, with a view to a new constitution eventually being drawn up. All the political parties were in agreement, which was a milestone in Chilean politics.

I, personally, drove my car to “ground zero” as in the Plaza Italia in Santiago on Saturday night and found the area to be deserted. This has been the place where all the young people have previously been congregating and one of the places that showed thousands of people in the street “making demands”.

So, judging by the last couple of days it looks like the country can, and is, getting back to normal. Of course there may still be the odd, small incident, but these, if they occur, will be very isolated.
Our travel advice is to come on down to sunny Chile (it is summer time here remember) and enjoy the wonderful destinations such as (and remember that none of these places was affected at all by the recent protests):

Torres del Paine

San Pedro de Atacama

Easter Island





The wine valleys