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Ice Hike Glacier Grey

For many people coming to Torres del Paine to hike the W or the full Circuit Trek, they wish to add in to their itinerary an ice hike on Glacier Grey.  The Torres del Paine ice hike Glacier Grey can only be accessed from where Refugio and Camping Grey is located and, in addition, you will need a night at either of these two accommodation options. What follows is more useful information about this activity.



















Hikers on Glacier

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Grey Glacier from a Distance

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Ice Hiking On Glacier

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Operated between October to April

Subject to local weather conditions


Introduction to Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Note: We offer this activity to be built into your main itinerary and not as a standalone.

For those of you who are fit enough and have the desire for even more adventure we offer the opportunity to hike on top of Grey Glacier, at the northern end of Grey Lake in Torres del Paine. Access to the ice hike begins at where Refugio and Camping Grey are located, which is near Glacier Grey on the banks of Grey Lake on the western arm of the W Trek.

Hikers can arrive here by any of the following ways:

  • Trek 4hrs from Paine Grande.
  • Arrive from Los Perros on the full Circuit Trek.
  • Come across on the Navigation Grey from Hotel Grey*

*However, the only issue with coming from Hotel Grey is that should the wind speed pick up the boat crossing can be cancelled or delayed, and, in such circumstances, this would affect the ability for you to do the ice hike.

One reality, due to the times for check-in and ending, is that in order to be able to participate you will have to have a night booked in the Refugio or Camping Grey either the previous night to the ice hike, or the night following the ice hike. In addition, you must have it pre-booked and paid for. You can NOT “just turn up” on the day and hope to book then.

Only one company holds the concession to operate ice hiking on glacier grey, which means that groups are between 2 people to 10 people max.

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Grey Useful Information

Check-in from near to Refugio Grey at 08:00hrs & 14:30hrs.

The ice hike lasts about 5 hours (including the boat transfer and walking onto an island called an “islatak” from where the glacier is accessed from).

Physical demand: Moderate, but participants must be in good physical shape. People with bad knees or other physical difficulties should NOT select this activity.

The walk on the “islatak” is quite challenging and lasts for about one hour, after which the guide will help you to adjust your equipment correctly for the hike on the actual glacier.


Ice Hike Guide / Crampons / Ice Axe.

Clothes you need to bring are the same as the clothes you should have brought with you for trekking – see our link below.


Grey Ice Hike Request here:

Q. What Clothes Should I Pack for the Grey Ice Hike?

Hiking the Torres del Paine W Trek Trail & Grey Ice Hike

Suggestion on What to Pack in Your Luggage 

Most important is what we aim to do here is advise you on what to pack in your suitcase (or backpack) and bring with you when coming to any part of Patagonia, be it land or sea. Moreover, the weather here has one constant, which is change! It is often windy, and it can rain or offer beautiful sunshine within the space of an hour. Therefore, please bring the right clothing to keep yourself dry and warm. Further below there is a graphic detailing what you should, ideally, bring with you.

Layered Clothing is the Answer

At least try to bring LAYERS of breathable clothes that can be taken off or put on easily to adapt to any change in weather and as you heat up and cool down on a trek. For example, cotton undershirts are NOT recommended – see below.

Above all, travel light. For example, take a day backpack for the trek days.

Suggested Clothes to Wear

As an illustration, please see our dedicated “Clothes to Bring” illustration below (scroll down).

On Your Feet

To begin with you need “hiking boots”. In other words, boots that are durable, but strong and especially WATERPROOF. In addition, if you have gaiters also bring these. Above all break-in any new boots well before arrival.

Also, a pair of flip flops for indoors. It should be noted that the refugios demand that you take off outdoor footwear when you enter the building.

By the same token, bring socks that are for hiking use, that fit well within your hiking boots, and maybe 3 pairs. These socks should be a little thicker than your normal socks.

Over Your Legs

For the purpose of practicality, hiking pants as well as a waterproof outer shell to go over your hiking pants if it rains are the best option. In addition, optional underwear such as synthetic leggings to go under your trekking pants are also useful if it gets cold.

For Your Upper Body

Most important, here you need to have “layered” clothing. This is because you get hot when trekking, therefore you need to be able to take layers off as well as put them on when you cool down.

Ideally, you will need a long sleeved under vest. This should be in a synthetic material. Why? Because you will sweat when you trek, and the synthetic material will dry more quickly than cotton material. If you are trekking in the summer and it is hot, you may not need to wear this undervest, but take one anyway in case the weather changes to be cold.

In addition, over the under vest, you will need a shirt, long sleeved ideally. Therefore, this can be considered to be a second layer.

Covering your second layer you need a fleece or similar, ideally with a front zipper so you can undo it or close it up with ease.

Finally, to cover everything you will need an outer jacket with a hood, and this needs to be waterproof and if is not, take another outer shell which is waterproof.

Around Your Neck

It should be noted that even if the rest of your body is covered and snug, bring a scarf or neck muff – this is very useful if it is cold, and easily taken off if it is hot.

Covering Your Hands

Most important, don’t forget your gloves! These are required specifically for when you are close to ice, like Glacier Grey or even at the Torres Base, where the air is cold. Again, waterproof is the way to go.

On Top of Your Head

Bring a head band to cover the ears – because they can get very cold. In addition, try to bring a hat like a woollen “beanie”.

Protection from the Sun

Most important: Pack the sunscreen cream.

For When you are Thirsty

Also, bring a water Bottle.

To Protect Your Eyes

Equally important, pack a pair of sunglasses. The light reflection from glaciers, snow and just brightly lit days can be strong.

Other Useful Items to Include in Your Luggage

Must be remembered: Portable USB Charger

Of course, a Travel Towel

Also, to help with sleeping when in a shared accommodation environment: ear Plugs, eye mask and maybe sleeping pills.

By all means bring both Cash and a Credit Card

Most important: Passport for check-in and TOURIST ENTRY VISA – given to you when you pass through Chile immigration.

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey


What ExperienceChile.Org says about

Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey

Trekking the W or the full Circuit trek is, for most people, a “tick on their bucket list”. However, the lure of even another, amazing experience and opportunity for many is to add in to their itinerary an ice hike on top of a real millennium glacier. Here in Torres del Paine, from where the Refugio and Camping Grey is located, there is the option to participate on a guided ice hike on Grey Glacier. 

From our point of view, if you have the time and the extra budget then this activity is one not to be missed!

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Torres del Paine Ice Hike Glacier Grey
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