Torres del Paine Hotel Remota Top End Lodge

Located in Puerto Natales

The Torres del Paine Hotel Remota is in Puerto Natales is a uniquely designed building offering oodles of interior space in guest rooms and common areas. For those seeking high-end comfort, good food and the option to relax in a long, indoor infinity pool as well as enjoy a sauna and massage, Remota is a good choice.

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Torres del Paine

Hotel Remota Top End Lodge


The Hotel Remota Top End Lodge is the style conclusion of the architect called German del Sol. He is one of the most established architects in Chile who likes to be unique in his approach to design. For example, in the case of Remota, his idea was to create a building that is seen to be “part of the earth” and, at the same time, reflect the vast expanse of open space in Patagonia. As can be seen by visiting the hotel, he has achieved his objective.

Remota offers two types of adventure level in its All-Inclusive itinerary programs. One is called Soft Adventure, and the other is called Active Adventure. Soft is more in line with people who want to do some sightseeing, light trekking and some of the Torres del Paine W Trek. The active option is for people who like more challenging, active pursuits. In each case you will receive an activity menu form which to choose your excursions.


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  • Return flights Santiago to Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales.

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In the event that you are planning a trip to Antarctica, and you combine the Antarctica expedition with a stay at Remota, all booked through Experience Chile, we will include at least TWO free of charge hotel nights at one of our hotel partners in another city in Chile or Argentina. Such an offer will be in addition to any other offer as part of a combination reservation made by the Antarctica supplier and / or Remota Patagonia.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Remota Patagonia Spacious Interior 


Torres del Paine Hotel Remota Patagonia

About Remota

Although from the outside the Torres del Paine Hotel Remota may look a little strange, it is actually unique. In the first instance it looks like it has been spread on a hill side with the building forming a badly shaped square with one end of the square open. Then, the exterior with its dark coloring does not “look pretty”.

First Impressions

In view of the initial impression, one may be wondering what to expect when inside. However, as soon as you pass into this building you will be greeted by an enormous space of modern design. For example, its extremely high ceilings, large tables and very wide seating sectors create the immediate impression of “space”. In addition, the interior fire pits and tall floor to ceiling windows enable a superb view to the exterior and the beauty of Patagonia.

Important to note that Remota is not cosy. Therefore, should you be after this type of ambience then this hotel will not satisfy this need.

On the other hand, if you like something that is new, interesting and creative, after your first night you will likely love the place.

In our view Remota rates as one of the better hotels in Patagonia.

Torres del Paine Hotel Remota Ethos

Above all, the ethos of the Torres del Paine Hotel Remota is “being natural”, to be part of the natural environment. Therefore, the exterior roofs are covered over in grass. In addition, the exterior is veneered in thick, old railway-sleeper wood. The reason the interior has very high ceilings is not only to create the sense of vast, open space, but as well as generate natural ventilation within the hotel interior.


As has been noted, the roof is covered in natural grass, under which is earth. This combination of earthen roof covering and ample insulation within the walls, together with generous Patagonian day light entering through the tall floor-to-ceiling windows enables for an energy-efficient building. As a result Remota hotel requires less use of  fuel to heat the interior of a building of this size.

Furthermore, hotel guests receive stainless steel, water refill bottles in order to cut down the use of plastics. Also, the chemicals used for for laundry and pool maintenance ones that are free of contaminant. In a similar fashion glass, aluminum, cardboard and paper are all recycled.

Remota offers 72 guest rooms. These are located in two, separate arms, or wings, of the hotel. Nonetheless, these two wings are connected by a long, tunnel-like hallway.


Back in the main building the bar and restaurant, located on the highest floor level of the hotel, offers high-end food with local ingredients and fresh vegetables in each dish, accompanied with top wines from Chile.


The hotel is located 1.5km north of Puerto Natales, about 500 mts up from the road that follows the Fiord of Last Hope.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Remota Patagonia Hallway


Torres del Paine

Hotel Remota Patagonia Top End Lodge

Why Choose Torres del Paine Remota Patagonia?

Remota Patagonia, located in Puerto Natales, is a great option for those seeking top-end comfort in a unique-designed building, along with spa and indoor pool facilities. In addition, as the hotel is located in village of Puerto Natales, guests have the option to go into the village to wander around, have a coffee, see the stores and even have a meal out at a different place (even if you are on an all-inclusive program at Remota).

Another great advantage is that the rates are lower than the other comparable high-end lodges in the area.

Torres del Paine Remota Patagonia – Is It Worth It?

In the event that you want to sleep in your own, private room with its own, private bathroom, enjoy good food, a pool and spa and not pay top dollar, then Remota is a very good choice.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Hotel Remota Patagonia Top-End Level

The Remota Rooms

Presently, Remota offers 72 guest bedrooms. These are divided into bed configurations of 36 that are set up as matrimonial, king beds, and 36 are configured with two queen, twin beds. Most important, each room is incredibly spacious with 33m2.  Unlike the rest of the hotel the widows in the rooms are horizontal, but also large for a hotel room. Notably the large windows offer great views to the exterior Patagonia landscape and fiord.

Another key point are the beds. These come with high-quality cotton sheets and thick duvets. For the purpose of the natural affect, the room decoration is minimalist with local, Patagonian loom work hanging on the wall together with some Patagonian landscape pictures. Lighting is cozy.

Together with the above-described room features, the en-suite bathrooms all have large baths as well as showers, together with all the usual amenities you expect in a quality hotel bathroom.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Remota Patagonia Matrimonial Bed Guest Room


Remota Patagonia Twin Bed Guest Room


Hotel Remota Patagonia

Remota Swimming Pool

Remota has an impressive, long infinity swimming pool. This is located in a separate building where there is also a sauna and massage rooms. Although guests need to walk outdoors in order to get to the pool and spa building, once there the ambience is one of tranquility and relaxation.

In addition, guest can enjoy the unique spectacle of being able to relax and swim whilst taking in the view the natural beauty of Patagonia immediately outside the window. Moreover, as with the rest of the hotel, in the in the swimming pool building the windows are tall, floor to ceiling.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Remota Patagonia Indoor Infinity Pool and Spa


The Remota Patagonia Restaurant

Good Food

The restaurant sector of this spacious hotel is located on the “second floor”, but because everything is open plan the second floor feels part of the first floor. This is also the bar area. Breakfast is served at the tables in the area as is dinner, accompanied by wine.

Food is good quality and after a day’s activity guests are able to enjoy the best of what the chef has created that night.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

One of the Many Lounge Areas in Remota Patagonia


 How to Book Torres del Paine Remota Patagonia

Booking Remota

One of the easiest ways to book Remota is to ask a reputable, receptive travel operator such as Experience Chile to handle your requirements. One of the benefits to this are that you will immediately gain from any offer that we are running as well as our service to link up and arrange all other required logistics. In addition, should we find the hotel is full, we can immediately seek alternatives in the same category as Remota.

Our aim is always to best serve you, so please give us a “date window”, if possible. Such as, between this date and that date. Thereafter, we will be able to research availability in a more efficient way and lock in your requirements in a quick and efficient way.

Equally important is to remember, should you choose to stay for 4 nights, or longer, on the all-inclusive program, you can also benefit from our offer mentioned in the introduction. Equally, for longer stays we will also look to include other, worthwhile, extras free of charge or with a hefty discount.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Please Send Us Your Enquiry

For the best service please supply us with as much information as you can. For example, where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to experience and how much money you want to spend (or do not want to spend!).  How many people, what type of beds (matrimonial, twin, single etc.)


In the event that you are a VIP in any of the fields such as celebrity and/or political and/or business, and you need “special attention”. For example, privacy and/or security for your trip please use an alias in the enquiry but mention that you are VIP and one of the directors will handle your request and keep your real name and details confidential.


Ask us to handle ALL of your South America, or Chile trip and we WILL include some items for free or at special lower-than-public rates. How much we can offer you depends on how much we can arrange and book for you. REQUEST@EXPERIENCECHILE.ORG

Remember, our specialty is to create a travel itinerary custom-built to your needs.

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