Torres del Paine Hotel Pehoe


It should be noted that this is the place seen on nearly all the classic pictures of Torres del Paine.

Specifically, the small building on an island dwarfed by the massive Cuernos of Paine.

The restaurant of Hotel Pehoe has, arguably, the closest, and most impressive view of the Torres del Paine Cuernos,

of all the restaurants in Torres del Paine.















Torres del Paine Hotel Pehoe

Brief Introduction to Hotel Pehoe

Hotel Pehoe, which is actually denominated “Hosteria Pehoe” is a bit of an anomaly. In the first instance, it is referred to in Chile as a “hosteria” because a “hosteria” is a level down from being a full on hotel. It means that its facilities and services are “simpler” than that of a hotel.

Why is it an Anomaly?

We suggest that Hotel Pehoe is an anomaly because it occupies the best prime real estate in Torres del Paine National Park. Located on an island, which, in itself makes it interesting and different, but it enjoys, perhaps, the most stunning and impressive view in the park. Only the high-end Luxury Explora lodge, further away, but also on Lake Pehoe, can rival the view. However, this incredible view is not available to any of the guests in the standard rooms, nor the vast majority of guests in the superior rooms. Why is this?


The reason that Hotel Pehoe has not capitalized on the best view in Torres del Paine is because it was originally built to be a fishing lodge. At this time, it was considered that fishermen were not that bothered about incredible views because all they were interested in was great fishing. Therefore, the guest rooms were very simple, with not even any windows, and the restaurant was considered to be the place that should have the prime viewing spot in order to attract day trippers to come and eat here when they visited Torres del Paine. In addition, the restaurant reflects the time when it was constructed and what should be large, floor to ceiling windows, is a wall of glass broken up into smaller squares by wooden frames!

However, as time moved on, the hosteria has changed ownership and the focus changed from day trippers and fishermen to tourists. Although unfortunately the foundations had already been set and, barring a demolition job, it has meant that the restaurant is still the only place from where there is a spectacular view. Having said that, the superior guest room unit does have one or two rooms where the view can also be appreciated.


Hotel Pehoe is the closest accommodation option to Pudeto, where the catamaran operates from in order to navigate over Pehoe Lake to get to Paine Grande. The distance is around 3 or 4 kms from the hotel to Pudeto, so it is walkable, but some people prefer to thumb a ride or flag down a bus.

This reality makes staying at Hotel Pehoe an attractive option if you do not want to camp or stay in a dorm room in a refugio.


Reservations through Experience Chile:

Hotel Pehoe Restaurant Building Facing the Cuernos of Paine


Hotel Pehoe Front Showing Superior Room Unit on the Left 


Torres del Paine Catamaran

& W Trek from Hotel Pehoe

Access to the Catamaran and W Trek Trail

Pudeto is about 4kms from Hotel Pehoe and Pudeto is where the catamaran passenger ferry operates from to cross Pehoe lake to get to Paine Grande. The crossing takes 25 minutes and tickets can be bought on board. From Paine Grande trekkers can hike to the French Valley (and back, in a day) or over to Refugio Grey (for ice hike, kayak and the navigation grey) – or becoming back form any of these aforementioned places.

In the event that you are staying at Hotel Pehoe you can get to Pudeto by walking, thumbing a lift or flagging down a bus.


Hotel Pehoe Reservations through Experience Chile:

The Catamaran that Operates Between Pudeto and Paine Grande


Torres del Paine Hotel Pehoe

About Hotel Pehoe

Most people will have seen a picture of the Cuernos of Paine and a small building on an island. The building on the island is Hotel Pehoe. It is located in the heart of Torres del Paine, on a tiny island on Pehoe Lake, connected by a narrow pedestrian footbridge to the car park on the lake shore. Built originally as a fisherman’s lodge it has expanded over the years into a hotel for visitors to Torres del Paine.

The main building contains the restaurant, and it is from here where you get a rather stunning close-up view to the Cuernos of Paine. However, being that this building has not changed much since its construction, the windows through which the great view can be seen are, unfortunately, held together by thick, wooden window frames that break the view in many places.

No Frills

This is a “simple” hotel. There is no pool, no spa, the rooms are functional ie designed to offer a night’s sleep and no other luxuries, and the food in the restaurant is best classed as “normal” ie not flashy and not sophisticated. Staff are not particularly “hotel trained”, but more or less seasonal workers just “doing a job”.

The accommodation blocks are set to the west of the main building. The superior rooms are reasonable, but only two of these rooms have a view to the Cuernos. The rest have an ordinary view out to the main building, or part of the lake.

The standard rooms are small but renovated to offer basic accommodation. However, there are no views out of the standard rooms because they all face into an inner court-yard garden area.



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Torres del Paine Hotel Pehoe

The Room Categories

In total there are 25 guest rooms. These are split between two categories, one being superior and the other standard.

The standard rooms have no windows, are small and the entrance doors all face to an inner garden courtyard. On the other hand, the superior rooms do have windows, but only two of these have a view to the Cuernos of Paine and rest look to the lake away from the Cuernos or elsewhere.


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Hotel Pehoe Standard Room


Superior Room at Hotel Pehoe


Location Map Below for

Hotel Pehoe in Torres del Paine


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