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Patagonia Destinations

Near to Torres del Paine



Patagonia Destinations Near to Torres del Paine

Although you may be coming to see the marvel of Torres del Paine, there are a number of other key cities within Patagonia that merit a visit.

For this reason, here is a brief introduction to each destination. Moreover, further below are the entrance points to destination presentation pages.

Ushuaia, El Calafate and El Chalten – all in Argentina

Above all, Ushuaia is on the far, southern tip of South America. Moreover, it is on the far southern side of the Tierra del Fuego Island, from where ships depart to the Antarctic. Another key point is that it faces the iconic Beagle Channel.

On the other hand, El Calafate, is literally “over the other side” to Torres del Paine National Park. As a result, many people link both El Calafate and Torres del Paine together for their Patagonia itinerary.

In addition, El Chalten is a “neighbour “(3hr road transfer) to El Calafate. Equally important to remember is that each city offers stunning Patagonia scenery and adventures. However, El Chalten is now established as a main trekking destination too.

Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in Chile

In particular, to get to Torres del Paine you will either need to fly in to Punta Arenas (4hr flight) from Santiago, or Puerto Natales (3.5hr from Santiago), unless, of course you are coming in across the border from El Calafate.

Whereas Punta Arenas is a 5hr road transfer from Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales is a relatively short 1hr road transfer into the Park. Notably, the road transfer between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales is 3hrs.

All things considered, for a full Patagonia experience, try to extend you time here, or plan more than one trip. Moreover, Experience Chile can arrange transfers, accommodation and itineraries throughout the Patagonia region, just ask.

Patagonia Destinations Accommodation

First thing to remember is that Experience Chile is a specialist custom itinerary operator, based in Santiago and Patagonia covering the entire Patagonian area (as well as Chile and Argentina). Therefore, when it comes to accommodation we have up-to-date local intel, and can select the right accommodation to suit YOUR desires.

For example, do you want a fantastic lodge experience? Alternatively, are you ok with a moderate-level hotel? On the other hand, maybe you want a hostel? 

As a matter of fact, the right accommodation can make or break a holiday experience. For this reason, when spending a sizeable amount of money, trust in the local experts.

Above all, Patagonia is “our territory”. Please email us here:


Torres del Paine

Above all, Torres del Paine is quite simply one of the most amazing geographical wonders of the world. Another key point is that the Park is set in the heart of an area of incredible outstanding natural beauty, Patagonia. In addition, it is a trekking Mecca.


Puerto Natales

As has been noted, Puerto Natales, in Chile, is the closest village to Torres del Paine. Moreover, it is only a one-hour drive entering the Park from the west, or a two-hour drive if entering from the east. In addition, Natales is a great accommodation base.


Punta Arenas

Besides Punta Arenas being Chile’s southern-most mainland city, it is great for visiting penguin colonies and whale watching. Another key point is that there are Patagonia and Antarctic cruises from here. Notwithstanding that it is accessible by a 4hr flight from Santiago, often with a short stop-over in Puerto Montt.


El Chalten

In addition to Torres del Paine, El Chalten, in Argentina, is a popular trekking destination. However, unlike Torres del Paine it is a very small touristic village located in the Los Glaciares National Park. Whereas Torres del Paine is a National Park only. Specifically El Chalten is found beyond the northern end of Lake Viedma, 200km north from El Calafate.



Another key Patagonian city is Ushuaia, in Argentina. Specifically the city is located on the southern shores of the Tierra del Fuego Island. Especially interesting is the first time the name Ushuaia appeared in writing was when, in 1869, the English missionary Waite Hockin Stirling documented his experiences of living with the Yamana people. Most important, is that most Antarctica Expedition trips depart from here.


El Calafate

In short, El Calafate, in Argentina, is the gateway to the large, Perito Moreno Glacier. In addition, it is the logistical stop over to get to El Chalten. Another key point is that it is also a stop-off on the way to Torres del Paine in Chile, and Ushuaia in southern Argentina. For these reasons El Calafate is a key destination in the Patagonia network.

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