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Torres del Paine Testimonials

Torres del Paine Testimonials

Here is a sample only of the hundreds of comments we have received from clients over the years. There are literally too many to publish all of them. None of these has been edited or altered in any way. To respect the privacy of the client we cannot publish the full email in each case, however, if you feel you need to contact a previous client you can send us an email and refer to the testimonial comment, date etc where you want to contact the client and we will ask if they mind. If there is no problem we will supply you with their email. 

2015-16 SEASON↓

“Hi Charles,

all settled back in london and s. america seems a long way away.  last saturday we are on a horse gently ambling through the Matetic vineyards and today we are at a wedding in a deconsecrated church in the middle of london...”

Torres del Paine Testimonials

2016-17 SEASON↓

Good morning Charles:

Just a quick note to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Argentina and Chile. Tough hike but definitely worth it. We appreciate all of your efforts in making the reservations – everything went very smoothly...”

Torres del Paine Testimonials

SEASON 2017-18↓

“Dear Charles:

A note to say what a great holiday we are having and to give you some feedback which may be useful to you. I am writing this as we go to the airport post our trek and prior to the Santa Cruz visit while things from the trek are fresh …”

Torres del Paine Testimonials

SEASON 2018-19↓


I wanted to pass that PTS did a great job for our time in Peru, from the tours they set up to the accommodations to the transportation – always on time for the ground transfers. We had a terrific time there.

Torres del Paine Testimonials