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Torres del Paine Testimonials Season 2015-16

Torres del Paine Testimonials Season 2015-16


October 3, 2015

Hi charles,

all settled back in london and s. america seems a long way away.  last saturday we are on a horse gently ambling through the Matetic vineyards and today we are at a wedding in a deconsecrated church in the middle of london.

the winery was lovely.  on the evening we met a  young couple with whom we did everything on the following day – breakfast, wine tour, lunch and riding.  the vineyard was around 50 mins. from the holiday inn, in a beautiful, lush valley.  the accommodation was antiquey, dinner great if a little pretentious, presided over by an ex. cruise line waiter, james, who took his job of explaining the food and wines very seriously.  the winery was a bit automatic, robot style explanation from the guide. 

It’s a lot to take in but the particularity of Matetic is that they produce chemical free wine and do a lot of hocus locus with their soil and compost.  they use various roots, seeds and other bio ingredients such as bergamot  that they put into llama skulls or such and bury in the ground – don’t ask but it seems to produce a most potable wine at the end of the process.


the tierra was very good indeed, the staff most helpful and friendly, the food very good but we found a common inadequacy in s. america which was that they attempt to produce something “thai” to “Curry” and it turns out to be tasteless.  our little houselet was charming with both indoor and outdoor showers and a view towards Licancabur – the most iconic volcano of the region.  the [pool was operational though too small to really swim in and all the spa facilities available though we did not use them.  we did almost every excursion we could.

In Summary

I thought your organisation of our trip was magnificent.  there always waS a taxi, if not with english speaking driver, at each hotel and airport etc.  and ironically, the only place we had to complain about was in your own backyard.  embarrassing for you but  only a blip in our lifetime.  i once gave your name to a tour operator in the US and i gave it to her again the other day and i will not hesitate to recommend you fully to anyone we know of who is coming to your part of the world.

keep well and greetings to lorena.


Jephta Peijs

March 1, 2015

Hi Charles,

I am sorry to bother you again. The trip went well and it was amazing. Everything was arranged perfectly.

However I forgot my E-reader in the room at refugio Grey. I have been trying to get in contact with the refugio and Vertice Patagonia by phone, e-mail and Facebook, but they do not respond at all.

Maybe you know how to reach them?

If they found my E-reader, maybe someone can take it back to Puerto Natales and we’ll head back there to pick it up. Other options would be to pick it up at El Calafate, Punta Arenas or Ushuaia.

Hope you can help us out!

Best regards,
Jephta Peijs


January 16, 2016

Hi Charles,

I just wanted to check in and say that we had a wonderful trip down in Patagonia and everything was perfect and ran smoothly. It is a beautiful destination!! Thank you so much for your help arranging it all:)



Catherine Randolph

January 28, 2016

Hello Charles,
We wanted to thank you for the great job you did organizing our trip. Everything worked flawlessly (except for the whale-watching, can’t control the weather especially in Patagonia), from the hotel reservations to the different bus trips and transfers. It was truly an amazing trip. We were also very lucky with the weather. I especially liked our stay at Tercera Barranca: Very kind, attentive staff, in an amazing setting, and a horseback riding day trip I will remember for a long time.


Catherine Randolph

Julia Gordon

December 28, 2016

Hello Charles,

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday!

I just wanted to write and thank you again for all your assistance in putting together a fantastic trip for us. Everything went just as we hoped and as planned. At each place you arranged we were expected and made welcome. There were never any hassles.

I understand why you had suggested another night in Pucon; the Antumalal hotel was delightful and we barely scratched the surface of the things to do in Pucon. But we also thoroughly enjoyed our time in Puerto Varas. I only wish we could have stayed longer in the Lakes District.

The Cruise

The Stella Australis cruise was certainly a highlight of the trip. One we would not have missed (even though it caused us to shorten our time in Pucon). And the stay at the Awasi and Torres del Paine was just amazing! The weather could have been a bit more cooperative – but if one is stuck inside on a rainy evening, it is certainly the place you would want to be “stuck.” We did have clear weather long enough to see the majestic views, get in a couple hikes and some great birdwatching.

Minor Inconveniences

There were 2 minor inconveniences that I wanted to mention, just for your future reference.

First, we disembarked the Stella Australis at about 8:30 am. Our flight from Ushuaia to El Calafate wasn’t until 4pm. We discovered that the ship does not have any facilities, or arrangements with others, for storing luggage. The ship suggested the tourist office, which sent us to a nearby hotel, who sent us to private facility that was closed, etc. Luckily, the manager at the Canal Beagle Hotel took pity on us and some other passengers and allowed us to store our bags for several hours at his hotel. I recognize that this is not something you could have prevented, and I will be sending my comments directly to the cruise line, but just wanted to mention so you can prepare others. I would think this is a common problem that could be simply rectified by the Australis company.

Glacier Hike

The second item involved the glacier hike excursion in El Calafate. First, let me say that we thoroughly enjoyed this excursion and would highly recommend it to others. The only problem was in the information we were given. When we checked into the hotel, we were provided a confirmation packet that outlined what we should wear, and stated that the excursion did not include the park entrance fees and any food. (This same information was also reflected in the voucher you provided.) What was not made clear in the information given was that food needed to be brought in – there was no place to purchase anything to eat. As most people seemed to have brought food, perhaps we misunderstood, but I think this should have been more clearly stated in the information packet.

As I stated these were merely inconveniences – we made up for our lack of lunch with a superb dinner that night at Buenos Cruces restaurant in El Calafate! Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.

Thank you again and have a very Happy New Year!

Julia Gordon