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Milodon Cave

The entire Patagonian region was, at one time, covered over by kilometer-high glaciers. These then melted, lakes and rivers were formed, and sediment flowed naturally along with the running water. In some places the rocks, mixed with the sediment, formed deposits and over unfathomable time periods these deposits became rock, in particular, in this case, Conglomerate rock, which is hard rock containing rocks, pebbles, mud and sand.

When set, it is like concrete. This mound of rock was then, again, over millennia of time periods, slowly gouged out by the lapping of waves constantly carving into the rock deposit. Today, the space that was created by the combination of natural processes mentioned is called the Milodon Cave. It is an interesting natural formation to visit and suitable for all ages as a short excursion from Puerto Natales.












Scenery Near Milodon Cave Entrance

Puerto Natales Milodon Cave

Interior of Milodon Cave

Puerto Natales Milodon Cave

Puerto Natales Milodon Cave

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Note: We offer this activity to be built into your main itinerary and not as a standalone.

Introduction to Puerto Natales Milodon Cave

If you have a half day available, or even less than a half day the Puerto Natales Mildon Cave is a great option for something to do. Ideal for all ages, it is principally a large, prehistoric cavern. Origins of the name come from a creature called Milodon whose bone fragments were discovered in the cave.

The cave itself was formed from constant wave motion eating into the conglomerate rock. And the waves were a result of the wind blowing off the surface of previously enormous lakes that were created from the last glacial melt. To imagine the entire area previously covered in massive glaciers and then large rivers bringing down stones that then settled on top of one another, ending up as conglomerate rock and then visualize the waves, at a later point in time, gradually carving out the cave is, in itself, incredibly interesting. The geological time scale is incomprehensible.

There are tours from Puerto Natales, however Experience Chile will arrange only private transfers to the cave from and back to your hotel in Puerto Natales. We can also arrange for the cave entrance ticket in advance.

Note that Experience Chile does not offer this as a “one off”. We will only include this option as part of the rest of your itinerary with us.


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What ExperienceChile.Org says about

Puerto Natales Milodon Cave

If you are in Puerto Natales and have a free morning or afternoon, a trip to the Milodon cave will be an interesting excursion to see a fascinating consequence of nature’s natural forces over millions of years and if not millions, then hundreds of thousands. We will arrange private pick-up from your hotel in Puerto Natales, take you to the cave, which is about 30 minutes away driving, wait for you to walk around the cave and area and then bring you back to your hotel. The entire excursion will last around three hours. However, we CAN extend this to involve a guide trek from here over the top and end at a place called Lago Sofia and make it a full day hiking activity.

Note that we have been creating Torres del Paine W Trek itineraries and other Patagonian itineraries since 1996. We are based in Chile, English owned, and a leading receptive travel operator, covering in particular – Patagonia.


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Puerto Natales Milodon Cave
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