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Skorpios San Rafael Glacier Cruise

Chonos Route

Skorpios San Rafael Glacier Cruise

Navigational Trip into the Fiords and Channels of Western Patagonia


The southwestern side of Chile is comprised of thousands of islands whereupon the Pacific Ocean is tamed into a network of an equal number of sea channels, inlets and fiords.

Navigating through this part of the world offers an opportunity to enter pristine locations, pass by islands where man has never set foot; see ancient, native forests that have only known wildlife to share its land base; view snow-covered, volcano cones and the blue hue of glaciers that slowly make their way down from their Andean summits to meet the Pacific waters edge.

Among all this incredible, natural beauty, are dolphins, whales, and many birds, all going about their natural life.

Therefore, a passage through this unspoiled wilderness is a gift, and one that should be savoured if you are lucky enough to witness it.

Cost of the Cruise

The per person cost will depend on the type of cabin you select and the date of departure. Please follow this link to the Skorpios Chonos Itinerary dates and cabin costs.


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Skorpios Cruise Chonos Route

Skorpios Chonos Itinerary Information and Reservations

The distance covered by the Chonos cruise will be approximately 1,288km. Departing from the southern lake city of Puerto Montt the route will pass by the rural island of Chiloe and through the channels, inlets and fiords of the western, Patagonian archipelago.

One of the highlights will be when the ship enters the San Rafael lagoon where the enormous glacial face of the San Rafael Glacier is exposed as the glacier comes down from the southern Andes and meets the waters of the lagoon. Here, the millennial ice is broken into icebergs floating in the lagoon.

Near to Laguna San Rafael the navigation will stop off at Puerto Aguirre, a tiny village set in the heart of Patagonian nature.

Other destinations included on this trip are visits to the Conejos islet and the Chiloe Island fishing villages of Quemchi and Dalcahue.

Another noteworthy experience will be when the ship docks at Quitralco whereupon passengers will have the option to bathe in hot, thermal springs and hike through the forest.

During the voyage there will also be many opportunities to see birds and marine wildlife.

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