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Torres del Paine Flora and Fauna

Torres del Paine Flora and Fauna

Torres del Paine Flora

The Native Plants of Torres del Paine

Natural vegetation within Torres del Paine National Park can be found in four variable, micro-climatic zones, which determine what types of plants can thrive in each, different environment.

Therefore, these zones are:

  1. Patagonian Steppe
  2. Pre-Andean Shrub land
  3. Magellan Deciduous Forest
  4. Andean Desert

Within these four zones are these varied types of plant variety:

Matorral Preandino

This is a herb that has adapted to the cold and dry conditions found growing principally in the areas around Lago Sarmiento, the Salto Grande and Mirador Nordenskjöld.

Bosque Magallanico

These are woods comprising native trees such as Lenga and Coigue found in the areas around Lago Grey,Valle Pingo, close to Glacier Grey, Valle Frances and Valle Los Perros.

Tundra Magallanico

A type of grass that grows principally in humid conditions.


The Calafate (the Argentine town El Calafate has its name derived from this plant) is a plant that produces a small, black fruit and yellow flower.


A very small tree that produces a red flower.


A floral herb with orange-coloured flowers.


A medicinal herb that produces a rose-coloured flower.


Often confused with lavender because of its move-coloured flowering, which is is not.

Torres del Paine Fauna

In the Torres del Paine National Park There are 25 species of Mammal

These Include:

  • Pumas.
  • Cougars.
  • Grey Foxes.
  • Culpeos Foxes.
  • Patagonian F||oxes.
  • Skunks.
  • The Chilean Huemul and many Guanacos.

There are also 105 Species of Bird Including Fifteen Birds of Prey Species

Among the Birds of Prey are:

  • The Andean Condor.
  • Eagle.
  • Black-Chested Buzzard Eagle.
  • Rufous-Tailed Hawk.
  • Cinereous Harrier.
  • Chimango Caracara.
  • Magellanic Owl and Austral Pygmy Owl.
  • Other species include:
  • Rheas.
  • Black-Neck Swans.
  • Parrots.
  • Flamingos.
  • Raguas.
  • Ducks.
  • Caiquenes.
  • Escurridzos.
  • Nandues.
  • Striped Woodpecker.
  • Black Woodpecker.
  • Fish Martin.
  • Magellan Woodpecker.
  • Magellan Goose.
  • Buff-Necked Ibis.

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