Calafate Perito Moreno

Ice Climb Full Day


The El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb full day excursion is also called “Big Ice”. Unlike the hiking on top of the glacier (mini trek), the ice climb involves some trekking as well as ice climbing. This means, with the use of ice axes, as well as being tethered to other climbers, that you will be using your arms, and hands that are gripping your ice axes, along with crampons attached to your boots, to physically climb down and up the glacial ice inclines and walls. For the physically fit and adventurous this is a great day out.

















Perito Moreno Ice Cave

El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb

Perito Moreno Glacier and its Blue Hue

El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb

The Full Perito Moreno Glacier from Afar

El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb

El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb

Full Day Excursion

Operated between September to end of April

Subject to local weather conditions & age limits


Note: We offer this activity to be built into your main itinerary and not as a standalone

An Introduction to El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb Full Day Excursion

The Perito Moreno ice climb full day excursion is also known as “Big Ice” (the ice-hiking option is known as “Mini Ice”). This is an activity that requires a lot of physical exertion. In other words, you need to be in pretty good, physical shape and be perfectly capable of putting ice crampons (which will be supplied) over your trekking boots, handle an ice axe and be able to then walk and scale walls of ice which. You will, of course, be given instruction about how to use these tools.

For the adventurous this is a great activity as well as experience. In particular not many people will be able to ice climb on and in one of the largest glaciers in Patagonia!

It should be noted that if you wish to participate in this activity, you will need two nights’ accommodation in El Calafate, and if we are arranging this excursion, we have to make the accommodation bookings.

Perito Moreno Background Information

About 80km west of El Calafate is Ventisquero Perito Moreno (Perito Moreno Glacier) – the “big one” that everyone comes to see. It has a 5km long, vertical wall of glacial ice face rising to heights of around 60m flowing some 30km from its source in the Andes Mountains.


Pick-up from your hotel in El Calafate will be between the 07:00hrs – 08:00hrs time period, returning to your hotel around 17:00hrs. The bus will go around collecting people from their different hotels. After about a one-hour or so bus transfer, the excursion begins at the embarking pier located at “Bajo de las Sombras” port, about 6km before the Perito Moreno Glacier viewing platforms. Here, you will embark a small boat for a 20-minute navigation across the sector of the lake called “Rico Arm”, enjoying breathtaking views of the Perito Moreno glacier wall.

The Guide

Upon arrival to the shore, clients will disembark and walk for about 20 mins to a refugio where the guides will organize people into groups of around twenty. Once everyone is settled the groups will then begin to walk towards the glacier for about another 20 minutes to an area bordering the river of ice (the glacier). At this point, the guides will fit people with crampons and give instruction on how to walk on the ice. During the hike, your designated group guide will explain how the various ice formations are created, such as the crevasses, caves and lagoons. The guide will always lead you. The hike will last for around 3 hours, during which time lunch will be taken into the glacier.

Age Restrictions

Age Restrictions: 18 to 50 years of age at time of the activity (proof of age at time of reservation will be requested).
Physical demand: High, therefore, participants must be physically fit and in good shape.
Morning departures every day with pick-up from your hotel in El Calafate around 07:00hrs to 08:00hrs

This excursion is not suitable for pregnant women or people who are considered to have more body weight than they should for the stature, and it is the guides who will decide this in the event of a difference of opinion. There is a smoking ban during this excursion.

Remember to Bring

Our recommendations for what to bring are: Backpack, outdoor trekking clothes (warm, waterproof and wind-breaker jacket, trekking pants, sturdy outdoor trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen cream, camera, water bottle and box lunch.

Guide, Crampons, Ice Axe
Return Transportation to Parque los Glaciares

Not included:

National Park entrance fee. Lunch (ask your hotel to prepare a box lunch for you).

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What ExperienceChile.Org says about

El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb Full Day

Ice climbing is not everyone’s “cup of tea”. It does require a certain amount of upper body strength and overall desire to seek a challenge. However, if you are such a person, physically in good shape and wish to scale the ice inclines and walls of one of the largest glaciers in Patagonia then this is a good option.

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El Calafate Perito Moreno Ice Climb
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