El Calafate Los Balcones

Half Day


The El Calafate Los Balcones half day excursion is a great way to reach to the high ground overlooking El Calafate and get, on a clear day at least, a fantastic long-distance view of the amazing Patagonian scenery – see this photo, for example. The excursion is called “los balcones” because, in Spanish this means “the balconies”, being a metaphor for the natural “balconies” in the hills where the tour stops at, from where you can look down and across to the scenery. In addition you will receive a lesion in geological history.










The Los Balcones Large 4 x 4 Truck Used for the Excursion

El Calafate Los Balcones Excursion Half Day

The Panoramic View Over El Calafate from the “Balconies”

El Calafate Los Balcones Excursion Half Day

Mexican Hats – One of the Geological Formations on the Balcones Tour

El Calafate Los Balcones Excursion Half Day

El Calafate Los Balcones

Half Day Excursion

Operated between September to end of April

Subject to local weather conditions


Note: We offer this activity to be built into your main itinerary and not as a standalone

An Introduction to El Calafate Los Balcones Half Day Excursion

This is an opportunity to be transported in a large, off-road 4 x 4 truck, up the nearby hills that form a high geological wall on the southern side of El Calafate, and travel along the flatter areas reaching a height of 1,050 metres above sea level (aprox 3,000ft). The excursion will stop at various points where you will get a panoramic view over all of El Calafate and Lake Argentina. And, as long as the day is clear, you will also be able to see in the distance the summits of Fitzroy and even “Torre” in El Chalten.

However, apart from the stunning view, you will receive an informative explanation about how the various geographical rock formations were made and a general history lesson in the incredible geography of the entire area.

There is also an option to ride quad bikes during the excursion – but for this please ask us first.

NOTE: Due to the altitude, there are many places that have vertical drops close to where passengers get out of the vehicle. Those who suffer from vertigo should NOT consider this excursion and those who participate and go with children need to be fully aware that there are danger spots.

Brief Info

Excursion Departure Times

10:00hrs and 15:00hrs and lasting for around 3hrs.


  • Transfers in and out from your hotel in El Calafate.
  • Sandwich and soft drink for the 10:00hrs excursion and coffee with biscuit (cookie) for the 15:00hrs excursion.
  • The length of the traverse is about 35km from start to finish and in time takes about 2hr to 3hrs.

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What ExperienceChile.Org says about

El Calafate Los Balcones Half Day

In the event that you find yourself in El Calafate and have a half day to “kill”, this is a good option in which to occupy your time. The excursion will take you up the steep, low mountain hills at the back of El Calafate in a large 4 x 4 truck. Being in this vehicle as it transcends the inclines is, in itself, adventurous. Then, if the day is clear, when you arrive to the first “balcony”, the view looking down over El Calafate is stunning. In addition, the view out and on to the Patagonian scenery is amazing. Also, you will receive a short education form the guide about the incredible geological rock formations in the mountains and geological history to the area.

Note that we have been creating Torres del Paine W Trek itineraries and other Patagonian itineraries since 1996. We are based in Chile, English owned, and a leading receptive travel operator, covering in particular – Patagonia.


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El Calafate Los Balcones Excursion Half Day
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