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My Personal Experience of Torres del Paine 

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Charles Hallifax

Experience Chile Owner

Discovering Torres del Paine Before it Became Known – My Personal Experience

This is a great short story for anyone visiting Torres del Paine. Amazingly, there was a time when no one knew about this marvel of nature, except for some locals. During this period, anyone lucky enough to visit, what is now “the eighth wonder” of the World, would have almost enjoyed the place like a private visit. The sensation, in those days, was as though the entire area was for the you, the “only visitor”. Not like today, whereupon there are thousands of travellers.

Therefore, imagine what a visit for me, Charles Hallifax, was like back in the early nineties when I did visit the Park and I felt that I had the palce to myself. Since that unbelievable privilege, Torres del Paine has made its way to the “to visit” list for most travellers. Consequently, the place is not as it was. There are new hotels and more visitors. Most importantly, this is a personal view, mixed with particular experiences. Including an “almost certain death” one!

By Charles Hallifax