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Torres del Paine Covid 19

How to Plan Your Visit

to Torres del Paine with the Coronavirus in Mind
Updated 25 September 2020

The reality about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is that it will be around

for some time and that we will all need to “live with it” and plan travel accordingly. 

Planning ahead for next season in Patagonia and specifically Torres del Paine we are already taking requests, but with the proviso that should there be new travel and or local restrictions that affect your travel itinerary with us that we will immediately set about rearranging alternatives or dates or issue refunds (subject to suppliers terms).

Our Position Regarding Next Season 2020 – 2021 and the Covid-19 Coronavirus

We will only be working with suppliers that have in place protocols to contain the spread of Covid-19. We strongly recommend that you ask us to book you in to the luxury camping places, smaller hotels or luxury hotels, but not the large, commercial hotels.


The Torres del Paine W Trek

With regards to the W Trek in Torres del Paine we suggest that clients consider booking with us HOTELS, luxury camping or luxury hotels, but not refugios. The reason for this is that it is more likely that the refugios, with their dorm rooms, will be forced to close in the event of a Coronavirus re-emergence, or maybe they will not open even.

We can create W Trek itineraries based on accommodation in hotels in Torres del Paine and / or based in Puerto Natales. We will arrange and include all the transportation you will need to get to and from the trail heads.

Having said that we can still create a traditional W Trek with refugio accommodation and have a plan B ready in order to switch you to hotels if required.

However, at this time all refugios on the W Trek trail are planning to be open and are taking reservations from us.


It is our view that all hotel programs should be perfectly ok for the next season. We do recommend the all-inclusive hotel programs that include the W Trek if you wish to walk the W Trek trail. And, as mentioned above, if your itinerary is compromised because of a coronavirus-related issue we will endeavor to immediately adapt your itinerary, change the dates or seek refunds (according to terms of suppliers).

Best Option

We believe the best places to stay with a view to restricting Covid-19 contagion, is in the luxury camping places. We can arrange programs with ECO Camp and Patagonia Camp.


One of the advantages to coming to Patagonia and in particular, Torres del Paine, next 2020-2021 season is that there will be less people around and therefore the experience and pleasure will be even better than usual. There is no reason why you will lose out financially and now that the world has protocols in place to manage the spread of Covid-19 if there is any return of the virus during the summer season the situation will be managed in the best way possible, better than in this first round.

Please send us your enquiry and concerns and we will look after you, as we do with all of our clients – just one of the benefits of having an operator handle all the hassle and be on your side.