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Chile Open to Visitors 


Updated 24 January 2022

The Summer is here in Chile – come on down and get a break from the Northern Hemisphere Winter!

Omicron Situation

Chile has a VERY high vaccine rate with most of the population having been double vaccinated as well as having had their booster shots.

The daily numbers of Omicron Covid cases in Chile are trending up. However, the government has made NO changes to current regulations for visitors to Chile.

Santiago Airport is Open to Visitors

Chile Covid Regulations for Arriving Foreigners

1 – You must have been double vaccinated AND have had a booster shot within the previous 6 months, all validated by the health authority in your country of residence.

30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE FROM YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Enter this web site: . Select the language at the foot of the page then ENTER this web site by CLICKING ON “EMAIL” WHICH IS TO THE RIGHT OF Clave Unica / Chilean C.I. and then CREATE AN ACCOUNT and follow the process. This is to validate your vaccination documents.

If you have NOT had the booster shot THE ALTERNATIVE is that you take a PCR test upon arrival to Chile and wait for the result to come back, which must be negative. This can take 24hrs, or possibly longer.

Connecting Flight – If you have a connecting flight within Chile you can continue to your destination and wait for your PCR test result there, but you must stay in your hotel until you get the result.

2 – 72 Hrs PRIOR to arrival in Chile you must have a PCR NEGATIVE test result and keep the proof to show in Chile.

3 –  Just before you depart from your country of origin. You need to enter this web site , fill in the form and sign the affidavit.

4 – You must have medical insurance cover for up to USD30,000 to cover medical costs associated with any treatment you may need for Covid-19.

Santiago Airport Arrival

Once you disembark the plane you will walk to a Minsal (Ministry of Health) sign-posted area where your C-19 form is checked.

Once these procedures have been carried out you THEN continue to immigration and luggage collection.


If you are travelling with kids, please advise that from 6 years old, children must have a complete vaccination program validated before entering Chile. If they are younger than 6 years of age, they must remain in mandatory isolation for seven days. Considering this reality, it would be better to postpone your trip if you have young children with you.

El Calafate – Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales) Border

The border between El Calafate and Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales) is open, BUT WITH DAILY MAX 100 people restriction and only private cars allowed to cross. Do NOT rely on this border for your trip.