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From 1st May 2022

All Chile Land Borders are Open


Updated 19 April 2022

Cases of Covid have, and are, dropping substantially throughout Chile.

Land borders will be open from 01st May 2022.

Masks do NOT need to worn in OPEN spaces.

For the time being arriving tourists will still need to have a valid and activated “mobility pass”. This is issued when a person has received the right vaccinations and has a negative PCR test within 72 hrs of arrival to Chile. However, this may change in the coming months.

Please refer to this Chilean government web site for more and up-to-date information:

Select the language at the foot of the page then ENTER this web site by CLICKING ON “EMAIL” WHICH IS TO THE RIGHT OF Clave Unica / Chilean C.I. and then CREATE AN ACCOUNT and follow the process.

This is to validate your vaccination documents.

We will, of course, inform all of our clients what the situation is and what documents you need prior to arrival.