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Torres del Paine Catamaran Service


Pudeto to Paine Grande to Pudeto



Torres del Paine Catamaran Ferry Service

Where Does the Catamaran Operate from?

The Torres del Paine catamaran ferry service operates between the Pudeto Jetty, which is more or less in the heart of the Park, beside Pehoe Lake; and Refugio Paine Grande. However, this is NOT the catamaran that operates to see Glacier Grey – so do not be confused by this. THAT catamaran departs from Hotel Grey, way over in the western arm of the Park.

This Torres del Paine catamaran ferry service is used by people who wish to get to, or come back from, the French Valley; and those who may be coming from or going to Refugio Grey.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to make reservations. Passengers must turn up, line up and wait to board.

Length of the Crossing

From departing one end to arriving at the other side, crossing Pehoe Lake, the journey takes 25 minutes. From those waiting at the Pudeto end, there is a small cafeteria where you can buy hot drinks and snacks, as well as some public WC’s.

At the Refugio Paine Grande end, there is the restaurant in the refugio that serves snacks and drinks and, of course, public rest rooms are there too.


Information on the Torres del Paine Catamaran Ferry Crossing

Payment and Departure Times

How to Pay

It should be noted that payment for the passenger ferry is required on board, in cash in local Chilean pesos, but during high season they often accept other HARD currencies, for example USD and the Euro. However, if ExperienceChile.Org is handling your travel itinerary WE CAN arrange tickets in advance – but these will not guarantee you space on a specific departure, you will STILL NEED to show up early and wait in line.

Season 2023- 2024 the charge is USD40 or Ch$30.000 approx. PER PERSON, EACH WAY (price given in good faith, but may change from time of publication)

Departure Times

Scheduling is set at specific times, however, as this is a monopoly service, the owners can, at will, change the frequency of these departures to suit the economic reality associated with income derived from each sailing. In other words, if it looks to them like there will not be much demand in a particular day, they may well cancel a sailing. Naturally, this does not help when it comes to planning travel itineraries, but it can happen, although no often.

Climate and Weather

Another influence on departure times is the state of the weather. If there is considerable wind the service can be suspended.


Ticket Prices

One way is approx USD40 per person / Return fare is less than two singles
One backpack is included, but USD10 per extra backpack up to 50Kg)

Departure Times 2022 - 2023

Note: Experience Chile publishes these times in good faith. We cannot be held responsible for sudden changes to the schedule, delays or cancellations.


From Pudeto: 10:30hrs

From Paine Grande: 18:00hrs


From Pudeto: 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

From Paine Grande: 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto: 09:00hrs and 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

From Paine Grande: 09:35hrs and 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto: 09:00hrs and 10:30hrs and 16:15hrs and 18:00hrs

From Paine Grande: 09:35hrs and 11:05hrs and 17:00hrs and 18:35hrs


From Pudeto: 10:30hrs and 18:00hrs

From Paine Grande: 11:05hrs and 18:35hrs



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