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Antarctica Expeditions

From Ushuaia & Punta Arenas in Patagonia


Antarctic Expedition Cruises

We offer Antarctic expedition cruises that begin in Ushuaia, Argentina and Punta Arenas in Chile. Each trip varies depending on the size of the ship, the length of the expedition and the comfort of cabins. However, our shortest Antarctica tours last 5 days. Whereas, our longest cruise last 23 nights. Therefore, allowing you to see Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands in their full glory.

Most importantly, if you have limited time, and not such a high budget, we suggest offer an option that includes flights as well as an antarctic cruise; please see the Antarctica 21 options below for more information.


We also have a number of special offers when you boom your Antarctica expedition through us.

Why Visit the Antarctic Peninsula?

There’s simply nowhere else on Earth that rivals the ethereal beauty of Antarctica. Visiting the Antarctic peninsula gives you the opportunity to see the final frontier of Earth in its pure, natural state. 

Antarctica is home to the largest frozen landmass in the world, whereupon the thickness of the ice is a high as several kilometres! Above all, this polar landscape is virtually untouched by human life. As a result, there are are only a few scattered buildings that house scientific researchers from time-to-time. Therefore, once you arrive at this vast white continent, you’ll be taken aback by its breathtaking beauty and incredible wildlife. Above all, a visit here is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can’t be missed.

Antarctica Expedition Routes

There are several routes and expedition vessels that you can choose for your polar expedition. Consequently, the option you select will largely depend on the time you have and the activities you’d like to participate in. For speed and low cost, we have the Anarctica 21 Express itinerary. However, to get the most out of your trip, we recommend choosing one of our longer Antarctica cruises. Considering that such a trip will likely be a “once only” experience, a longer cruise will give you the opportunity to see more of the Antarctic circle. Moreover, you will be able to explore a polar region that very few people have visited before. 

All of our expeditions depart from Ushuaia in Argentina or Punta Arenas in Chile.  Fortunately, we also offer excursions in both of these cities. Therefore you can add on interesting activities pre and post your Antarctica adventure. For these reasons, consider extending your trip and explore more of South America, especially Torres del Paine. 


Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

Classic Antarctica

South Shetlands/Ushuaia

FROM: US$ 5,460 pp
Aboard The Ushuaia Ship

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers
Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers




FROM: US$ 7,950 pp

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers
Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

Polar Circle


Punta Arenas/Antarctica/Punta Arenas

On board the Magellan Explorer or Ocean Nova Ships

FROM: US$ 15,495 pp
Flight and Cruise

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers
Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

Antarctica Express


Punta Arenas/Antarctica/Punta Arenas

On board the Magellan Explorer, Ocean Nova or Hebridean Sky Ships

FROM: US$ 4,695 pp
Flight and Cruise

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers
Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

Journey to


Ushuaia/Falklands/South Georgia/Antarctica/Ushuaia

FROM: US$ 14,680 pp
Aboard National Geographics Explorer

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers
Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

Antarctica, South

Georgia & Falklands

Ushuaia/Falkland Islands/South Georgia/Antarctica/Ushuaia

FROM: US$ 25,220 pp
Aboard National Geographics Explorer/Orion

Antarctica Expedition Cruise Suppliers

The Quick and Lower-Cost Way to See Antarctica

One of our Antarctic expeditions originating out from Ushuaia is provided by Antarctica 21, and lasts 5 nights.  As a result of this being en express trip, the cost is lower also. Moreover, your expedition team will navigate to Cape Horn, and cross the infamous Drake passage. Most importantly, the ship will navigate to King George Island, where you will set foot in the Antarctic. 

This itinerary combines flights, and expedition ship experiences to give you a taste of classic Antarctica in a short space of time. However, this does not mean that you’ll have a less exciting trip than those on our longer cruises. That is to say that our 5-night expedition cruises will give you the opportunity to see spectacular wildlife such as seabirds, king penguins and hopefully, humpback whales. In addition to this, during your time on board guides will will walk you through the history, natural wonders and sights of this vast white continent whilst you sail between stops on your adventure.

Ushuaia to Antarctica and South Shetland Islands

We also offer other expeditions that begin from Ushuaia. However, some of these options take in the South Shetland Islands as well as Antarctica. For example, our partner that provides this itinerary is Antarpply Expeditions and the trip lasts 9 days.

Moreover, this option does not include any flights.  However, you will still get to explore the Drake passage. Most importantly, you will get to the Antarctic peninsula, and the South Shetland Islands on a comfortable expedition ship. Depending on the ice conditions, you’ll be able to step ashore and get up close and personal with Antarctic fur and southern elephant seals. In addition, you will also navigate historical waterways such as the Gerlache Strait and Neumayer Channel all in 9 activity-packed days.

The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Moreover, our longest expeditions are provided by our partners National Geographic Expeditions and they last between 13 to 23 nights.  However, the itinerary will include a departure point from either the U.S or Buenos Aires in Argentina from where you will then continue on to where your ship is waiting.

This epic journey to the southern continent, and one of the coldest places on earth, is not one to be missed.  In other words, you will travel to the Antarctic peninsula, whereby you’ll get the opportunity to explore the icy waters via Zodiac boat or kayak. Moreover, there is also a kayaking option as well as taking Zodiac excursions in small groups to give you the chance to get up close and personal with the Antarctic landscape. Most importantly, of course, safety is of the utmost importance in this part of the world, and the areas you visit will depend on the current state of the ice, as well as the weather. 

However, on the 23-day Antarctic tour, you will also get the opportunity to visit South Georgia island and walk, hike or kayak where intrepid explorer Ernest Shackleton once trod. Therefore, if you are up to the challenge, take advantage of trekking and hiking opportunities to get a feel for what it would’ve been like to be a part of the original expedition team.

Ushuaia to Antarctica

Apart from our express option from Ushuaia, we also offer this expedition.  Consequently, you will begin from the southernmost city on Earth in Ushuaia, after which point you will start your Antarctic adventure. Moreover, this trip, hosted by Ocean Expeditions, will take you through the path of polar explorers of the past, through the Drake passage, Anvers islands, Schollaert channel and more.

Weather permitting, you’ll be taken to areas such as the Lemaire channel, Neumayer channel and Wilhelmina Bay. During this navigation you will get the chance to see albatrosses, Adelie and Gentoo penguins and even leopard seals.

The OceanWide classic Antarctica expedition lasts 9 nights. However, we also offer a shorter tour which begins in Ushuaia which lasts 5 nights. This alternative option, the Antarctica Express Air Cruise, begins in Ushuaia, but ends in Punta Arenas where you can fly on to your next destination.

FAQ’s About Antarctic Expeditions

If you’re apprehensive about visiting Antarctica for the first time, not to worry. Here below, we have put together several FAQ’s to help you get the information you need for your Antarctic adventure.

Q. How Much Does it Cost to Go to Antarctica?

A. The cost of your polar expedition will vary depending on factors such as the length of your trip, and your expedition ship’s size and cabins. Above all, our most affordable Antarctic expedition packages start from $4,795 for 5 nights, whereas you can expect to pay $25,220 or more for our longer Antarctica tours.

Q. What Animals Live in Antarctica?

A. Despite its freezing temperatures, Antarctica is home to a wealth of spectacular wildlife. Therefore, here are some of the more common animals you can see there include: 

  • Emperor penguins
  • Adelie penguins
  • Elephant seals
  • Humpback whales
  • Orca whales 
  • Albatrosses
Q. What Can You Do in Antarctica?

A. If you’re visiting Antarctica on board an expedition cruise ship, you’ll spend most of your time navigating the icy sub-zero waters. Consequently, you will be  sailing through the natural, raw fjords and taking in the untouched landscape. However, you can also take part in activities such as kayaking and trekking in small groups, if the weather allows.  

Antarctica is also a prime location for spotting incredible wildlife that you can’t see elsewhere. Therefore, you can spend your days marvelling at the penguin rookeries of the antarctic peninsula, whilst catching a glimpse of orcas, seals and dolphins from the comfort of your cabin, if you are fortunate enough. 

Our partners know full well that for you to be on any of these Antarctica expeditions, that it will have cost you a serious amount of money. Therefore, in conclusion, all of our Antarctic partners will do there utmost to making you comfortable and lay out an incredibly, full itinerary. Moreover, in many situations you will be able to disembark into a smaller, zodiac dinghy, for local excursions that take you close to nature.

Q. What is the Climate Like in Antarctica?

A. Antarctica is the coldest continent on Earth, however, it is technically a desert because it rarely rains there. However, on average, temperatures in Antarctica reach -50 degrees celsius in the winter months, and there are also very strong winds and snow. 

However, because Antarctica is in the southern hemisphere, Antarctic summers occur at the same time as UK winters. Therefore, during the Anartic summer the nightly temperatures can reach -35 degrees celsius or often a lot warmer in the Antarctic peninsula and coastal regions.

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