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Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine or Reverse

Up River by Fast-Speed Zodiac


Operated between September to April

Subject to local weather conditions


Note: We offer this activity to be built into your main itinerary and not as a standalone.

From Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

Boat Navigation from Puerto Natales Followed by Fast Speed Zodiac in to Torres del Paine

Considering that you are in Patagonia you will likely want to enjoy new experiences and great adventure. Therefore, before you begin your Torres del Paine itinerary, lets us immediately start you off from Puerto Natales. For instance, most people go to Torres del Paine from Puerto Natales by road, however, there is an alternative. Moreover, we offer you an exciting and fresh way to get from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine as a full-day excursion that serves as a unique transfer service at the same time. For example, by boat and then fast-speed zodiac up the Serrano River.

In other words, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience raw Patagonia and get a different perspective of the land that creates this wilderness. During the two different navigations, you will, for example, be able to see millenial ice, hanging glaciers, native forest as well as flora and fauna. Moreover, there are some absolutely incredible sedimentry rock formations that have gone from being horizontal to vertical, as a result of unbelievable forces of nature. Above all, this excursion will be a mix of adventure and education.

In short, the excursion involves two types of water vessel, therefore it can be broken into, two parts.

Part One

The first part of this invigorating adventure originates from Puerto Natales, on board a catamaran that navigates along the length of the Fiord of Last Hope. In this instance we will arrange the pick-up from your hotel at around 07:30hrs – 07:45hrs, depending on which hotel you are at.  Consequently we will then transfer you to the embarcation jetty. On the way to the Serrano Glacier the navigation will take in some interesting sights. Therefore there will short stops at a nice waterfall, and a nesting group of cormorants. Moreover there is, of course, the stunning scenery each side of the fiord.

During the navigation, food and drinks will be available for purchase, therefore make sure you bring some local currency. However, the prices may be high so, as a result of this reality, most people bring a lunch box.

Glacier Serrano

After abut 2hrs you will arrive to the base of the Glacier Serrano, whereupon the boat will dock. Once the catamaran has secured its mooring passengers will disembark. During the next two hours passengers will have the option of a short, 30 minute walk through a native woodland, and on to an area from where you can view the Glacier Serrano coming down from the mountain and into a lagoon.

Most importantly, the view of the glacier will be at at close range, therefore this is also a great photo opportunity. Moreover, the catamaran staff capture some of the millenial ice to serve with whisky when you are back on board.

Return to Natales

For some passengers they will return back to Puerto Natales and stop for lunch at an estancia, before returing to Puerto Natales. The meal will be a Patagonia barbeque, therefore, if you are vegetarian please mention this before hand. On the other hand, if you are a meat eater you will be very happy.

The return to Natales is the full day return trip from Puerto Natales, which we can also arrange. However, for other passengers they will have come from Torres del Paine for their continued journey to Puerto Natales.

On to Torres del Paine

For the other passengers who are heading on to Torres del Paine, the adventure continues. In other words, they will get into zodiac dinghies and be transported across the river to the other side. The place for lunch is located on the other side of the river. Therefore the zodiac navigation will take only ten minutes. Upon arrival at the other side of the river there is a fantastic view back to the Serrano Glacier from a natural spot. As a result, lunch is served in a rustic, isolated lodge and one will feel totally cut off from civilization, above all, you will be in the heart of Patagonia.

Part Two

Moreover, after lunch you will board the zodiacs once again and be taken at fast speed up the river Serrano and into Torres del Paine. Consequently, you will be provided with wet-weather gear as well as life vests. During the navigation, which will take about 1.5hrs, you will pass by virgin forests and areas of vegetation where no man has ever entered, consequently this is a fantastic way to experience Patagonia. Moreover, on a clear day you will see the two enormous “cuernos” of Torres del Paine ahead of you, becoming larger as you get closer to your arrival at Serrano Village.

Moreover, if you have luggage this will be transported by road from Puerto natales to meet you upon arrival at Serrano Village. Also, if you have a car, we can arrange for this to be taken to meet you for your arrival to Torres del Paine. However, there is an extra cost to get the car to Torres del Paine. But in conclusion, you will have nothing to worry about if you have large bags and / or a car.

Clothes to Bring

As with everywhere you will go in Patagonia, the only constant is the changeable weather. For this reason the typical saying is that you can have four seasons in one day. Consquently the weather is unpredictable and can change during the day. For this reason please bring clothing that you can put on and take off as you get cold and get hot, such as after a walk. Also bring warm hats, gloves, waterproof top and hiking boots, as well as a pair of sun glasses. However, for the zodiac navigation you will be provided with wet weather gear during the trip, and this goes over your usual clothing.

Comments from Clients

“One of the best things I have done, during my holiday in Patagonia”.

“As a result of having an extra day in Puerto Natales we could come out of TDP by the zodiac, and we loved it”


Consider including this activity in your itinerary during your time in Torres del Paine.

From Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales

Fast Speed Zodiac from Torres del Paine to the Serrano Glacier followed by a boat Navigation to Puerto Natales.

As a result of your time in Torres del Paine you will likley have a strong desire to keep the adventure going. Therefore, we offer you even more exciting experiences. For example, if you have been trekking the W Trail, or staying at one of the luxury lodges, we can get you out of the Park by way of a fast-speed zodiac trip down river and on to Puerto Natales.

However, if you have a rent a car we can arrange for this to be taken directly to Puerto Natales. Moreover, if you have luggage, this can also be taken to meet you upon arrival to Puerto Natales, for instance. Most importantly, we will make your life easy and deliver your bags to your hotel in Natales. Therefore, there is no problem to get your large bags and / or car to Puerto Natales should you wish to participate in this full-day excursion. However, we will need to charge an additional cost to get the car to Puerto Natales. However, in conclusion, this is a fantastic way to extend your Torres del Paine experience.

The excursion comprises two parts:

Part One

The first part originates from Torres del Paine with a check-in required at Serrano Village (western end of Torres del Paine) at 07:30hrs. Consequently you will need an early start, however, we can arrange the transfer from your hotel to here as part of your Patagonia itinerary. During check-in you will be supplied with wet-weather gear and a life vest before setting off on a fast-speed, exhilerating adventure down the Serrano River towards the Serrano Glacier.

Most importantly, there is more than this. For instance, the route passes by native woodland and virgin vegetation on either side of the river. Above all, this sector allows you to see parts of Patagonia that most people do not get to see, and consequently offers a superb way to get back to Puerto Natales.

Furthermore, after about 1.5hrs of river navigation you will arrive to the jetty where passengers disembark. Most importantly, there is an optional 30 minute walk through a native woodland to an area from where you can view the Glacier Serrano coming down from the mountain and into a lagoon, all at close range. As a result, this is a great photo opportunity.

Part Two

After the trek through the woods to see the Serrano Glacier, so after about 2hrs, passengers will board the waiting catamaran for the more serene navigation along the Fiord of Last Hope towards Puerto Natales. During this sector, millenial ice that the crew will have captured in the lagoon, will be served with whisky during the navigation. However, there will be stop at an estancia for a Patagonian lunch, and as a result of this you will enjoy a fine view of the beautiful, surrounding landscape. However, the lunch will be a Patagonian barbeque, meaning meat. Great for meat eaters, but, on the other hand, if you are a vegetarian please mention this early on.

Once everyone has finished lunch and got back on board the navigation will continue to Puerto Natales, arriving around 17:00hrs. Therefore, we will transfer you to your hotel.

In conclusion, you will have had an exhilerating day and one more Patagonia experience to remember.

Clothes to Wear

In Patagonia there is a saying about the weather, that it can have four seasons in one day. Therefore the weather can change throughout the day. With this in mind consider to bring clothing that you can take off as you get hot, such as after a walk, and put on when you get cold. Moreover bring gloves, warm hats, waterproof top and hiking boots, as well as a pair of sunglasses. Should it be raining when you do the zodiac sector it will mean getting wet, however, you will be provided with wet weather gear.

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