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Torres del Pane Hotel Tierra Patagonia 











Torres del Paine Hotel Tierra Patagonia

The View Above is of the Hotel with the Central Paine Massif in the Background


In essence, the Tierra Hotel in Torres del Paine is a modern, luxury lodge located beside the large, Sarmiento Lake, on the eastern border line of Torres del Paine National Park. Above all, in our view, this hotel has set the new, high mark for top-end adventure lodges.

Unique Architecture

Unquestionably, the architecture of the main building is unique, and exquisitely executed. As an illustration, the exterior design resembles a slightly meandering “airplane wing”, perfectly camouflaged and low enough to blend into the natural landscape. In other words, to be as unobtrusive as possible to the beautiful, Patagonian surroundings. In addition, upon walking through the main entrance, guests will walk towards the large communal living, lounge and dining area and be met with a “jaw dropping”, “hit you in the eye”, amazing view of the Torres del Paine central massif. For the purpose of effect, Tierra has excelled in delivering this sudden surprise.

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Torres del Paine Tierra Patagonia Location Map

Why Choose Hotel Tierra Patagonia?

All things considered, Tierra is known for its high quality in Torres del Paine. Above all, Tierra began as a family-run operation, emanating from the famous Portillo Ski Hotel, in the Andes near to Los Andes and Santiago. In short, Michael Purcell, son of Henry Purcell (original owner of Portillo) developed Tierra Patagonia, along with Tierra Atacama and, more recently bought a property on Chiloe Island, which is also part of the Tierra group of lodges.

Another key point is that the emphasis has always been on quality facilities, services and experiences. In truth, around the Torres del Paine area there are only a few top-end lodges that can be legitimately be categorized in this description, and Tierra is one of the best (if not, “the best”) within this group.

All things considered, if you have the budget, or can stretch yourself to have the budget, Tierra Patagonia will provide you with a great experience.

Therefore, if you are a person who seeks great comfort, top-end spa facilities, great food and awesome views, Tierra Patagonia is a a good choice.

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The Guest Rooms at Tierra Patagonia

Coupled with the overall “good feel” factor that Tierra provides, there is nothing better than sleeping in a nice bed, surrounded by a warm, clean, safe environment. Therefore, for any type of holiday, the style, size and amenities of your bedroom are very important. Another key point is the size and positioning of the guest room windows, which are large and in the middle of the wall. Above all, each room from the Tierra Patagonia delivers an amazing view of the Torres del Paine Central Massif.

Moreover, the lodge offers the following room categories to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences. In addition to the fine views, each room enjoys natural wood paneling, and is also decorated in a modern, cozy style.

The Tierra Room Category Options Include:

Standard Rooms

In reality these rooms are, quite simply, luxury-level rooms with a large matrimonial bed, modern, soft lighting, lots of natural wood and great, large windows. In addition, the en-suite bathroom is spacious and equipped with modern facilities that you would expect in a top-end lodge.

Superior Rooms

Tierra also offers superior rooms. However, these rooms are almost the same as standard, but a little larger and with a free-standing bath tub in the living room.

Suite Rooms

In addition, the lodge offers suite rooms. Different from a normal room, one of the intriguing things about the suites is that these rooms are configured on two floors. For example, the ground floor contains a large matrimonial bed, with en-suite bathroom, and the top floor is a living room area.

All in all, the guest rooms offer plenty of space, with carefully-placed large windows that also offer the same views of Sarmieno Lake and Central Massif.  Moreover, the en-suite bathrooms are modern and spacious, with both a bathtub and a shower unit.

In summary, no matter which room you are in at Tierra, you will be in a luxury environment and amazing views.

2 A Hotel Tierra Patagonia

The Spa at Tierra Patagonia Lodge

Despite Torres del Paine offering a daily reason to go out and explore, you may just want a day, or few hours to chill.

Therefore, equally important to rooms, guides and views is the Tierra Patagonia’s indoor pool and spa sector. Particularly, the heated indoor pool, which is large enough to allow for a proper swim. In addition, you can gaze at the picturesque backdrop of the Paine Massif from the pool. Specifically Tierra enables this experience through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

However, there is also an exterior jacuzzi, from where it is possible to soak in the warm water and, at the same time, breathe in the brisk, clean Patagonian air whilst taking in the stunning, raw Patagonia scenery all around. In addition, don’t be surprised if a local Guanaco is close by too!

Among the Tierra Tierra Spa Facilities are:

An indoor, heated pool, steam and sauna rooms. In addition, there is an open air, whirlpool tub.

A yoga studio, with relaxation rooms, as well as face and body treatment rooms.

Staying at a place like Tierra means that apart from enjoying Patagonia, you can end the day with some truly relaxing treatments before an evening cocktail and fine dinner.

2 A Hotel Tierra Patagonia

The Tierra Patagonia Restaurant

As has been noted, the Tierra Patagonia offers a fine dining menu. In particular the restaurant is located in the main sector of the hotel. At the same time it is adjacent to a central bar, indoor fire pit with chimney, and modern lounge area. Moreover, the entire length of this area is taken up by floor-to-ceiling windows, through which is a stunning view to the Patagonian landscape and the Central Torres del Paine Massif.

Summing up, after a day of exploring the Patagonian sights, embarking on the W-Trek or other treks, going on an adventurous excursion or indulging in the on-site spa, guests at Tierra can get to enjoy a quality dining experience. Another key point is that if you are eating before the sun goes down, you will have a fantastic view whilst you eat.

Tierra Patagonia Food

The dining experience at Tierra Patagonia is a gastronomic delight. As an illustration, the menu has been carefully selected to provide ample nutrition for all those participating in trekking, as well as providing memorable, tasty flavours.

It should also be noted that all meals are accompanied by top Chilean wines. However, optional premium wines are also available as an extra. Moreover, all food is prepared with the the best, quality ingredients. In addition, the menu encompasses a wide range of high-quality meals for you to choose from, so can find something you love regardless of your tastes or dietary requirements. It should be noted that the chef always seeks to provide fresh, local produce whenever possible.

Where is the Tierra Patagonia Lodge Located? 

Equally important for any hotel is where it is positioned.

Another key point to the Tierra Patagonia lodge is its location. For one thing, it is situated on the eastern shore of Sarmiento Lake. Furthermore, it is hidden from sight, but to the left of the main road between the Chilean border village of Cerro Castillo, leading to the Torres del Paine Laguna Amarga entrance.

It should be noted that Laguna Amarga is the eastern entrance into Torres del Paine National Park. As a result, it is well positioned to get to all the sites and trail heads in Torres del Paine, as well as to the border crossing to Argentina and to Puerto Natales.

As can be seen In the map below we have circled the position of the Tierra Patagonia Lodge.

Remember, you can email us at any time and ask questions as well as ask that we arrange your full Patagonia travel itinerary. Our email is:

2 A Hotel Tierra Patagonia

 How to Book Tierra Patagonia

In order to book Tierra Patagonia ask Experience Chile to handle your reservation. As a result you will immediately gain from any offer that we are running as well as our service to link up and arrange all other required logistics. In addition, should we find the hotel is full, we can immediately seek alternatives in the same category as Tierra.

Above all, in order to best serve you, please give us a “date window”, if possible. For example, between this date and that date. Thereafter, we will be able to research availability in a more efficient way and lock in your requirements in a quick and efficient way.

Equally important is to remember, should you choose to stay for 4 nights, or longer, on the all-inclusive program, you can also benefit from our offer mentioned in the introduction. Equally, for longer stays we will also look to include other, worthwhile, extras free of charge or with a hefty discount.

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2 A Hotel Tierra Patagonia

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