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Torres del Paine Hotel Rio Serrano

Torres del Paine Hotel Rio Serrano

Most important is that the Torres del Paine Hotel Rio Serrano is located beside the Serrano River just outside the official boundary line of Torres del Paine. However, the rooms on the river side enjoy a spectacular, direct view to the Paine Massif. It should be noted that most of the rooms are spacious, but only the superior category has the view to the Massif. This is a large, commercial-style hotel good for groups.

Furthermore, we can include this property in your Patagonia itinerary for a night or two or as a 4-night Torres del Paine all-inclusive program.

About the Hotel

Torres del Paine Hotel Rio Serrano Description

As can be seen from the photo, this is a large, city-style hotel that stands out from the natural beauty of Torres del Paine.

Particularly, the large lobby entrance is filled with piped music blaring out of speakers suspended in the ceiling, varied music throughout most of the hotel. Moreover, the bar, and spacious lounge areas combine to offer a lack of cosines and sound echoing around. However, the superior rooms are spacious rooms with superb views out to the TDP Central massif.

Style of Hotel

This is a commercial style property. Food is very average and usually served as a buffet. Often there is a lack of any organization at mealtimes, which can result in a lot of people going to get their food at the same time.

Standard rooms do NOT have view to the Massif, but superior rooms enjoy an outstanding view to the Massif.

Good for large groups but not if you want personal attention and an up-market service. To arrange your accommodation with us, email us…


We Arrange

We arrange bed and breakfast and all-inclusive reservations and for the all-inclusive minimum 4 nights.

Hotel Rio Serrano Location Map

Hotel Rio Serrano

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