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Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres 

Hotel Las Torres is located on private land in Torres del Paine and is also at the head of the trail that leads up to Refugio Chileno (2hrs) and Torres Base (4hrs).

The hotel has grown from being a rustic, simple lodge for hikers into a major hub for W Trekkers. This means that it is very commercial (lack of any personal service) and often extremely busy (something to consider with Covid-19) with overly-priced room rates.

About the Hotel

Located in the eastern side of Torres del Paine, the hotel started as a private house in the middle of a privately-owned estancia. The owners still run the estancia, but expanded the original homestead into a proper hotel comprising three categories of room. Unfortunately because of its location it is now overly busy and over priced with a commercial attitude and lack of any personalised service.

This is the start or end of the trail head that goes up to Refugio Chileno and Las Torres Base as well as over to Refugio Cuernos. Consequently it serves as an option to do the Torres Base trek (9hrs return from the hotel) and avoid staying in a refugio, but, as mentioned, gets quite packed. The hotel also offers all-inclusive programs.

Three room categories are:
Lenga – is the oldest, rooms smaller than the other two, but OK, these rooms are nearest the restaurant.

Canelo – to the left of the main entrance is, good-sized rooms, good bathrooms too.

Cipres – Further down from Canelo, more modern, good-sized rooms and bathrooms; large windows.

Room on the mountain side have view to Almirante Mountain and glacier. The other side has views to the lower hills of TDP.

Walk way to restaurant is exposed to the elements and can be cold and wet. The spa is at basic level

A family business, all staff wearing local baquales “cowboy” uniforms.

We no longer accept requests for this hotel because it does not meet our requirements for a good experience at a sensible cost.


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We no longer accept requests for this hotel. It does not meet our requirements for a good stay at a good price.


Hotel Las Torres

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