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Torres del Paine Hotel Lago Grey

Hotel Lago Grey is located at the southern end of Grey lake in Torres del Paine. The superior rooms are modern in design and those from the second floor up have a gret view to the lake and Grey glacier at the far end. The older, standard rooms do not have any particular views, but the rooms are generally spacious. 

As this is also the departure point for the Navigation Grey boat at times it can be very busy in the reception and cafe area creating a “commercial” atmosphere. We can include Hotel Grey in your Patagonia itinerary for one or two nights (or longer of course) or for a 4-night, all-inclusive program.

About the Hotel

The hotel sits on the southern shore of Lago Grey lake in the western side of Torres del Paine.

The newer, superior rooms are modern in style and offer a good level of accommodation. The ones on the second floor have the superb views to Grey Lake, any icebergs in the lake and the glacier at the far end. The rooms on the ground floor have this view obscured by an earthen mound and trees.

The standard rooms are the older ones, and are spacious, but with no direct views to anything of particular interest.

The main, commercial-style restaurant has large picture windows that allow for a magnificent view to Grey Lake and the glacier at the far end. The adjacent bar area also offers the same view to the lake and glacier.

The hotel is the meeting point for people waiting to take the Navigation grey to see the glacier or go over to Refugio Grey, which means there can be, at times, a lot of people having a coffee or lunch making the place feel very commercial.

The hotel offers a good stop over for those going on to the W trek from Refugio Grey, or ending the W trek after Refugio Grey, or for 4-night (or more) all-inclusive program of tours in Torres del Paine.

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Hotel Lago Grey

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