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Torres del Paine Hotel Explora Salto Chico









Torres del Paine Explora Salto Chico Patagonia

The View Above is From the Explora Lodge


The Explora Lodge Hotel in Torres del Paine is a luxury lodge located beside the turquoise-coloured, Lake Pehoe. Occupying a prestigious spot in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, the lodge offers stunning views to the Cuernos of Paine.

Above all, this is the hotel that began the concept of Luxury Adventure Lodges in South America, which has since spawned a number of “copy cat” projects. However, Explora Salto Chico still retains the crown as being the first as well as occupying what is arguably the best location in Torres del Paine with direct and impressive views to the central Massif of Torres del Paine.

If you want this hotel, remember that we run a great offer if we book a min 4-night, all-inclusive itinerary. See below.


In addition to sensible reasons why you should book Explora, if you ask us to handle the reservation we will add to it one of these services, FREE of charge (min 2 people):

1 – Hotel night at one of our partners hotels in Chile or Argentina.

2 – Private transfer, if required, between the airport and hotel, or between the hotel and El Calafate.

3 – Return flights Santiago to Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales.

Moreover, conditions of the above: ExperienceChile.Org will decide which one of the above offers is most suitable.

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Torres del Paine Explora Location Map

Why Choose Hotel Explora Patagonia?

All things considered, Explora is known for its commitment to sustainability, equine culture and all-round appreciation of South American culture and lifestyle. Therefore, when you visit Explora Patagonia, you’ll see just how much care and attention they give to the local environment, as well as their guests.

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The Rooms at Explora Salto Chico Lodge

Another key point to staying at the Hotel Explora Patagonia, is that most of the rooms offer a direct view over Lake Pehoe and to the impressive Cuernos of Paine. Particularly, these rooms are called the Cordillera del Paine. The Salto Chico rooms have a view down to the small waterfall, hence the name “Salto Chico”. Moreover, the suites offer the largest spaces and also face the Cuernos of Paine.

Herewith is the selection of rooms to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences.

  • The Exploradores Suites – Size: 42 metres squared. These suites offer views of Macizo del Paine. 
  • Salto Chico Rooms – Size: 28 metres squared. These rooms offer views of the Salto Chico waterfall. 
  • Cordillera Paine Rooms – Size: 28 metres squared. These rooms offer views of Macizo del Paine. 

The photo below shows the view from the Explora Lodge to the Cuernos of Paine.

2 A Hotel Explora Salto Chico

The Spa at Explora Salto Chico Lodge

After a long day embarking on excursions, exploring Chile and taking in the local wildlife, you can treat yourself to an immersive spa experience at Explora Patagonia’s Ona spa.  

Here, you can relax your tired limbs in the pool, or in an open-air jacuzzi, whilst taking in the views of Rio Paine. Alternatively, you can also choose from several essential oil massages to get you ready for your next day of exploration. 

2 A Hotel Explora Salto Chico

Explora Patagonia Food 

The dining experience at Hotel Explora Patagonia is second-to-none. Above all, their menu has been carefully curated to provide ample nutrition for all those looking to explore Torres Del Paine national park and beyond. 

Also, each main dish is paired with a Chilean wine (alternative premium wines are also available) and all food is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. This is the perfect treat after a long day of seeing the sights. Book with us to experience Explora Patagonia food firsthand. Another benefit of dining at Explora is the incredible view to the Cuernos of Paine.

Where is the Explora Patagonia Lodge? 

This hotel is located in the heart of Torres Del Paine national park, next to Lake Pehoe in a position almost directly opposite Torres del Paine Central Massif. Therefore, from this privileged location guests can explore this incredible South American biosphere reserve with ease. 

No matter which room you stay in, you’ll be met with incredible views of the park, and some of the most breathtaking scenery in Chile. For example, this includes views of Lake Pehoe, Rio Paine, Macizo del Paine and more (views will vary depending on your room choice – please send us an email for more information ).

2 A Hotel Explora Salto Chico

 How to Book Explora Patagonia for Your Trip

Should you want to experience all that the Explora Patagonia Lodge has to offer, you can book an all-inclusive stay through ExperienceChile.Org for a 3, 4 or longer nights itinerary at this unique hotel. In addition, you choose to stay for 4 nights, or longer, on the all-inclusive program, you can benefit from our offer mentioned in the introduction.

If you’d like us to suggest or create an itinerary for you, please EMAIL US.

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VIP – if you are a VIP in any of the fields such as celebrity and/or political and/or business, and you need “special attention” such as privacy and/or security for your trip please use an alias in the enquiry, but mention that you are VIP and one of the directors will handle your request and keep your real name and details confidential.

Remember, our speciality is to create a travel itinerary custom-built to your needs.

2 A Hotel Explora Salto Chico

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