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Torres del Paine Hotels and Accommodation

We provide a wide selection of accommodation options in Torres Del Paine national park, and throughout the Patagonia region. No matter whether you want to soak in the scenery at a luxury hotel or you’d prefer to mix with other trekkers in a refugio, we have a wealth of options for you to choose from. 

Why Visit Torres Del Paine National Park?

The question is, why not? This picturesque location attracts visitors from all over the world due to it’s breathtaking views, prolific wildlife and invigorating hiking and trekking opportunities. However, the fun doesn’t stop there, there are also a wealth of exhilarating activities you can take part in when you visit this vast landscape.

Embark on the W-Trek

The W-Trek is one of Patagonia‘s notable trekking routes; this takes you through Torres Del Paine national park. On this trek you’ll be able to gaze up at the awe-inspiring Torre d’Agostini, Torre Central and Torre Monzino; the three peaks that make up Torres Del Paine. As well as this, you’ll be able to marvel in the spectacle that is Glacier Grey and the Grey Lake as you traverse through this wonderful location. 

Here at Torres Del Paine, we provide complete W-Trek itineraries as well as customised routes for those that would like to take part. Contact us today or fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Take in the Panoramic Views of Patagonia

In Torres del Paine National Park you will find some of Chile’s most sought-after scenery and views. The Park is home to some of South America’s most awe-inspiring mountain peaks, wildlife and lakes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to sigh-seeing and photo opportunities.

Mingle With Travellers in Refugios 

A Refugio is a rustic mountain hut, where travellers from all over the world can stay in dorm-style rooms with shared bathrooms and communal areas. Refugios are the perfect option for those who want to meet fellow trekkers, bask in the community atmosphere and remain close to nature. 

Some of the options that you can book with us include:

Stay in One of Patagonia‘s Stunning Luxury Hotels & Lodges

After a day of exploring, hiking and taking in the Patagonian sights, it’s only natural to want to lay down in calm, serene surroundings to prepare yourself for your next adventure. That’s why we work with a selection of luxury hotel and lodge owners in Chile, so you can have a peaceful area to rest throughout the duration of your trip.


Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

The Tierra Patagonia hotel will take your breath away as soon as you set eyes on it. This stunning hotel is one of National Geographic’s ‘Unique Lodges of the World’, and its prime location allows you to explore Patagonia and Torres Del Paine with ease.

Explora Patagonia Hotel

The Explora Patagonia Salto Chico hotel is a luxury lodge situated in the heart of Torres Del Paine national park. This gives you easy access to the park’s panoramic views, wildlife and scenery, however, you can also take advantage of the hotel’s luxury spa and restaurant on your off-days.

Camp in Style in a Fully-furnished Yurt or an EcoCamp Dome

We work with Patagonia Camp to provide Torres Del Paine visitors with an exciting camping experience that you won’t soon forget. Their luxury yurts are nestled in a wooded area overlooking Lake Toro, helping you remain close to nature during your trip. 

Staying in a yurt is far from your standard camping experience. Instead, you’ll get the opportunity to relax in comfortable rooms with private en-suite bathrooms, lounges and even jacuzzis

EcoCamp Patagonia, on the other hand, provides glamping accommodation to visitors to the national park. Their ‘domes’ are situated in the East of Torres Del Paine national park, and they come in varying levels of comfort and pricing to suit your needs.


Stay at an Authentic South American Estancia

An estancia is a traditional horse, cattle or sheep ranch, therefore, you’ll often be surrounded by working farm animals such as sheep, horses and cows when you visit one. Staying in an estancia is all part of the authentic Patagonian experience, so we can organise a stay for you at Estancia Cerro Guido when you take a trip to Torres Del Paine. You can also choose from bed and breakfast options or all-inclusive packages for your trip (minimum of four nights).

Hotels in and Around the Torres Del Paine Zone

We offer a whole host of hotel options to those visiting this incredible national park. You have the option to stay within the park or around the park entrance, depending on the activities you want to take part in. No matter whether you simply need a comfortable room after a long day of treks, or you want free wifi to share your trip with the world, we have plenty of options to suit your needs. 

Some of the hotels you can choose from include:


Torres del Paine Featured Hotel Accommodation

Our featured hotels and suppliers have been selected by us for one or more of their attributes such as: location, views, surroundings, comfort, professional service, “uniqueness”, food and / or overall good feeling that one gets from being there.


Explora Salto Chico Hotel

The modern white exterior of the square-edged, block-like appearance of the hotel betrays what is inside, “pioneer” hotel that started the new concept of luxury accommodation.


Tierra Patagonia

The main building is carved into the earth so as to be as unobtrusive as possible to the naked eye and camouflage into the natural landscape.


Patagonia “Yurt” Camp (Glamping)

Yurt tents covered in durable plastic containing double beds, nice furnishings and en-suite shower rooms combine to create a cosy, high-end feel, stunning views down to the lake and on a clear day to the Cuernos of Paine.

Why Book with Us?

We have over 30 years of experience providing custom-itineraries for those looking to experience Patagonia in a unique way, so you know your trip will be in the safest hands. We can once-in-a-lifetime experiences such ice hiking at glacier grey to whale watching and kayaking in Patagonia – no matter how specific your request is, we’re more than happy to help. 

We cater to individual travellers, couples, small or large groups as well as VIPs and celebrities. If you want to get in on the action, fill out the contact form below to start organising your trip!

Send Us Your Enquiry

Please supply us with as much information as you can about where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to experience and how much money you want to spend (or do not want to spend!).  How many people, what type of beds (matrimonial, twin, single etc.)

VIP – if you are a VIP in any of the fields such as celebrity and/or political and/or business, and you need “special attention” such as privacy and/or security for your trip please use an alias in the enquiry, but mention that you are VIP and one of the directors will handle your request and keep your real name and details confidential.

Remember, our speciality is to create a travel itinerary custom-built to your needs.


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